Cloud migration will save MoD £1 billion

Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, has revealed that the MoD’s switch to a cloud-based IT infrastructure will allow the department to save £1 billion over the next 10 years, according to Yahoo News.

The migration is set to occur later this year and the MoD will be gaining access to a number of new cloud-based services over the coming 12 months, ranging from VoIP and video calling to mobility features and more besides.

The MoD is spending almost £1.5 billion to make the transition to the cloud, which is clearly a significant investment. But the fact that this will nearly pay for itself within a decade, shows just how important the adoption of cutting edge IT services can be from the point of view of cost savings.

The fact that the MoD is going to use the cloud is sure to be good publicity for the industry as a whole, since it shows that an organisations which is responsible for ensuring the safety of the nation, is confident in the security features that are available via remotely hosted solutions.

In order to migrate mission-critical apps and services to the cloud, the MoD is also making investments to improve the connectivity infrastructure which is available to employees within the ministry. Since cloud services are reliant on a fast, reliable network connection being available, this certainly makes sense.

Fallon said that the upgrade to the MoD’s IT capabilities was not just about saving money, but also about making sure that it is equipped to deal with the various threats which will face the UK in the next few years.

Cyber crime is a real concern, with digital attacks being launched by terrorist groups and other nations on a regular basis. So the power of the cloud will be used to shield the UK from the most significant assaults.