Are You Content With Your Marketing Strategy?

By Ben Austin, MD of digital marketing agency SEO Positive


So it seems as though online site owners are waking up to the benefits of content marketing. Whether it’s because they’ve witnessed the aftermath of the Panda update themselves or they’re finally responding to advice from those who have, more people are investing in blogs, press releases and engaging website copy. But how many of these are actually monitoring the effects of their efforts?

According to a new study from Curata’s B2B Marketing Trends 2012 study, only 43%! This is in comparison to the 87% who claimed they will now be focusing on content marketing. Whilst it’s great that more people are taking content into account within their marketing strategies, what isn’t so positive is the fact that 57% are failing to measure the impact on their most important objectives such as driving sales and improving brand awareness.

The B2B study, based on an online survey of 465 marketers conducted in October, showed that the main challenges standing in the way of these companies was limitations within staffing or budgets, however measuring content impact doesn’t have to be any different to other aspects of your campaign.

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Just as with anything else, using tools such as Google Analytics provides users with a really valuable insight into how well our content is performing by demonstrating how many people are consuming our content, what they are doing with it and whether they like it or not. Keeping track of data such as your unique visitors and bounce rate will give you an idea over whether you need to change tactics to keep your customers interested.

However, probably the strongest indication of whether your content marketing efforts are working or not, lies within the comments or shares you receive. If people have taken time out to respond to a blog with positive feedback then this speaks volumes.

Are You Content With Your Marketing Strategy?
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