BYOD? BSS/OSS integration is the key

By Rebecca Prudhomme, vice president of product and solutions marketing at Amdocs

There’s been a lot of debate in the industry surrounding the security challenges for service providers involved in supporting the “bring your own device” (BYOD) needs of their enterprise customers. But, how can such challenges be successfully embraced?

In my experience, BSS/OSS integration is essential for overcoming security issues and other BYOD challenges. Despite 77 percent of respondents of an Amdocs global BYOD survey stating that residential and business BSS/OSS integration is needed to support the BYOD market and specific business requests, less than half are able to link personal and corporate personas

The lack of BSS/OSS convergence (53 percent) is cited as the main inhibitor, because it prevents a single view of the customer (51 percent). The absence of a flexible product catalog (37 percent) and a real-time system for post-paid enterprise customers (31 percent) were also identified as significant concerns for service providers.

The business segment represents huge revenue potential for service providers, and to capitalize on this market they will need to offer tailored and competitive offerings, including BYOD.  By converging BSS and OSS, service providers gain a unified customer view required to support BYOD requests, such as creating hybrid plans and offering device support, ultimately simplifying the customer experience.

Service providers will need to ensure that their own systems are upgraded and ready to provide such offerings to their business customers, and that they are able to implement such services quickly and securely, while providing support in real-time.

Business customers will have to establish their unique BYOD polices and determine (to what degree) employees will handle their own devices and what type of support the business will provide. BYOD comes with increased liability, because outside apps may pose security risks. So BYOD offerings will have to incorporate very specific policies and include mobile management, and IT departments will find it necessary to oversee and support various passwords to enterprise-specific apps. Employee usage will be another area to consider, as data control may be a concern.

Integrating BSS with OSS is the surest route to BYOD success.

BYOD? BSS/OSS integration is the key
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