Case Study: Our Social Media Success

Richard King, CEO and Founder of ingenie

When we decided to launch ingenie, we spent a lot of time researching our audience: 17-25 year old UK motorists. Focus groups revealed that young people don’t want to be patronised by an insurance company, and aren’t attracted by gimmicks or cheesy ads designed to grab their attention.

Findings from these focus groups helped us direct our marketing strategy, and we decided to create a strong social media presence which meant we could engage directly with our customers.

Our Twitter profile and Facebook page give our customers the opportunity to interact with us directly, and ask questions about the service we offer. Both these profiles have also given us the opportunity to share topical information and run eye-catching campaigns. Earlier this year we ran #MyFirstCar, which encouraged followers and fans to share stories about their first car and win prizes. On the day the campaign launched, the Twitter hashtag was viewed by more than 1.8 million people.

Although we aim to offer fairer insurance premiums based on driving well, what we really want to bring about is a community of safer drivers on Britain’s roads. Social media has been key in distributing messages about ingenie as an insurer, and we have endeavoured to educate our customers without patronising them. As well as uploading regular tips on #DrivingTipThursday and newsy items about changes in road law, we recently ran a campaign encouraging individuals not to be distracted whilst driving. #DontDriveDistracted was a social media campaign launched by our investor and brand ambassador Gary Lineker on Twitter, inviting drivers of all ages to pledge not to be distracted by their phones and other in-car diversions while behind the wheel. For each tweet, we donated £1 to RoadSafe (which works to reduce road deaths and injuries by encouraging the safe design and use of roads and vehicles). The Twitter-exclusive campaign was viewed by over 2 million Twitter users. The combination of shocking statistics published on the website, and concerted PR activity, is our way of educating young drivers about the dangers of in-car distractions. During the campaign, the website attracted over 15,000 unique visitors, demonstrating the genuine value of social media to the business.

We’ve learnt a lot over the past six months; most importantly that by keeping our online conversation fresh, informative and interactive, individuals are sticking with us and, even better, telling their friends and family about ingenie.

Case Study: Our Social Media Success
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