How to Approach Applications Performance Management in Financial Services

By Tom Levey, EMEA Tech Evangelist at AppDynamics

Delivering a first-class mobile banking service to customers relies on multiple different applications and IT systems working seamlessly. The latest string of mobile banking app glitches should serve as a strong reminder to organisations that having robust analytics and application performance management solutions in place is crucial to ensuring customer satisfaction in today’s digital economy.

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Spend on In-App Advertising Predicted to Grow to almost 17bn USD by 2018

By Juniper Research

In-app mobile adspend will reach almost 17 billion USD by 2018, up from 3.5 billion USD last year, a new report from Juniper Research has found. According to the report, growth will be driven by several key factors including improved targeting capabilities, as well as a trend for more effective interactive rich media ads to be deployed in preference to traditional static display advertising.

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Start-Up, App And Away!

By Gary Calcott, Technical Marketing Manager at Progress

It’s not easy being small. As anyone who was denied entry as a child to a theme park roller-coaster as a result of a ‘You must be THIS tall to take this ride’ sign can testify, life can seem so much simpler if you are larger and more mature. However, size isn’t everything, and it’s clear that there’s such a thing as being small and perfectly formed, as many new businesses in this country would be keen to attest. Indeed, with the introduction of the UK’s first Small Business Saturday, it’s important to bear this in mind and remember the challenges that smaller, up-and-coming organisations have to face on a daily basis.

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2014 ­- An Any Device World?

By Paul Steiner, Managing Director, Europe, Middle East & Africa at Accellion

The workplace has always been at the forefront of technological developments. The office of today is almost unrecognisable to the workplace of 40 years ago. A recent report, conducted by researchers at the Centre for Economic and Business Research, showed that worker productivity is nearly five times higher than it was in the 1970s and could increase by another 22% by 2020. But what does the year ahead hold?

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User and App Centric Security

By Nick Bowman, F5

There is no longer any point in thinking of security in terms of a static corporate perimeter accessed by known, controlled devices. Now, we must be user and app centric in our thinking.

The shifting corporate perimeter has come about for a number of reasons. One is the drive to deploy applications in the cloud, and have them be fast, available and also secure.

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The App Store Model for Enterprise IT is not Enough

By Jeff Fisher, VP Strategy & Co-Head RES Research Boston, RES Software

IT complexity continues to grow as new technologies are added to today’s increasingly diverse corporate computing environment.  At the same time, employees want the simplicity of accessing their business and personal information across a myriad of devices – demanding the availability of their corporate email and workplace applications away from the office.  As users continue to accelerate the trend towards consumerisation, IT leaders need to implement solutions that address the variety of devices, apps and operating systems that make up the IT infrastructure and meet the anytime, anywhere access capabilities imposed by today’s flexible work styles.  This explosion of disruptive enterprise technology and working trends presents IT departments with new challenges, often leading to more time spent on manual processes and higher costs to meet more demanding needs from users.

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Windows Developers Report Exploding Demand for Mobile Apps, but Current Tools Can’t Deliver

By Claire West, Fresh Business Thinking

A global survey sponsored by Embarcadero Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions for application and database development, finds that while a majority of Windows developers are experiencing great demand for mobile development, the actual delivery of these apps is being compromised due to the cost and complexity associated with supporting multiple platforms.

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The Perfect Storm

By Gary Calcott, Technical Marketing Manager at Progress Software

Until recently, the idea of mobility has been as noteworthy as a grey cloud on the horizon. It’s there – and may bring rain in the future – but right now it’s nothing to worry about. The outlook is now decidedly different for the development community; the distant cloud that has been lingering on the horizon is fast looking overhead. With larger screens, faster connections and ever more powerful devices, it’s clear that the perfect mobility storm has been created. But before you dash for shelter, consider that this is one storm that should be embraced. This storm is a thing of beauty for those developers willing to put mobile first.

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