LUSH uses Data to Improve In-Store Performance

By Claire West, Fresh Business Thinking 

Lush has made data analytics available to staff on the shop floor as well as in its warehouses, so they have real-time information on sales performance at their fingertips.

Not only has this helped to tap into the ambitious spirit of staff – competing over which store can do best in terms of sales and performance – but it also gives them information to make decisions and better the customer experience.

For example, if they notice a particular bath bomb is selling well with a certain shampoo, they can change the store layout so the items are closer together.

As all products are created from fresh ingredients, the retailer has actually been able to achieve savings of £1 million through ensuring it is making use of it is produce in the most effective way – only ordering exactly what it needs to create the right amount of goods for the levels being sold and ensuring no products go out of date.

Technology platform, QlikView Business Discovery, is being used by employees at every level throughout the business to provide access to relevant sales, stock, store and staff information to improve performance.

Scott Silverthorn, Head of  Data Services at LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. “As it is used by many different parts of the business, QlikView allows us to continually make insights into our company. Some of the shop managers have told us they have had their most profitable year ever because QlikView has brought together the data they need to manage their sales, their stock and their staffing.”

Testing Should not be Testing – 4 Ways to get the Most from your Optimisation Team

By Matt Althauser, European GM of Optimizely

It’s a phrase that’s turned into cliché. “Curiosity killed the cat” itself is a common warning about the dangers of unnecessary experimentation and the perils of the unknown. Its rejoinder is less well-known, though – the full quote is often heard as, “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.” For business leaders and marketers looking to improve their websites’ conversion rates, the extended phrase holds true.

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The Top 2014 Tech Trends Translated Into Business Outcomes

By Ettienne Reinecke, CTO of Dimension Data

The ICT marketplace is abuzz with talk of a number of disruptive forces set to come into play in the year ahead. This article will share some practical insights on how these trends are playing out in the business context and explain how Dimension Data is helping organisations to put these forces to work to drive profitability and competitive advantage.

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Predictions 2014 – Are You Preparing for Smart Wigs in the Enterprise?

By Alessandro Porro, Vice President of International Sales at Ipswitch, Network Management Division

The effect of wearable technology on the corporate network in 2014

Seriously, wigs?

Sony has filed a patent application for “SmartWig”, as companies continue the tousle to lead the way in wearable technology. It says the SmartWig can be worn “in addition to natural hair”, and will be able to process data and communicate wirelessly with other external devices.

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