Techbubbles’ Technology Roundup #9

By Abigail Phillips


Here are the latest stories to come out of the technology industry this week:

What the Chancellor’s Budget means for business & technology

On Wednesday, the Chancellor George Osborne unveiled his Budget for the year and revealed his plans for more financial relief for UK businesses to help recover the country’s economy. While this provides small businesses with the opportunity to grow their businesses and employ more people, there are some that are less optimistic about the Chancellor’s arrangements.

Click here to read the full article and comments by Sumir Karayi, CEO of IT efficiency company 1E, who claims they leave little to be desired for the majority of UK businesses and advocates that the Government should instead be focusing on specific efficiency initiatives, which he believes have a better chance of revitalising the economy. Continue reading

Techbubbles’ Technology Roundup #6

By Abigail Phillips


Have you missed what’s been happening in the tech industry this week? Then fear not as we have gathered the top stories from the past week:


Payment via Twitter will start trending

This week, American Express launched a new ‘purchase via Twitter’ service for its US-based customers. The service allows its customers to sync their Amex card to their Twitter account and make purchases by using hashtags that correspond with special offers from Amex.

The idea comes from consumers becoming more comfortable with mobile payment and the increase of social media shopping. But how secure are your transactions on Twitter?

The Digital Marketing Show shares concerns over consumers’ security when purchasing via Twitter here.
Smartphones achieve highest paid search

New research has revealed that mobile devices achieve higher click-through rates than desktops when it comes to paid search ads in the UK, according to a report from Marin Software.

A recent study has revealed that smart mobile accounted for 14.8% of UK paid search in January 2012 and had risen to 24.4% of all paid clicks by last December, according to a report released today by management platform Marin Software.

Paid search clicks on smart mobile increased by 65% during 2012. This surge was fueled by consumers’ increasing use of smartphones and tablets to conduct research and shop online.

It also shows that as well as achieving the highest CTR, smartphone clicks are cheaper than the corresponding desktop and tablet clicks.

Click here to read the full article on Techbubbles.


More businesses are planning to spend more on digital marketing technology in 2013

71% of businesses are planning to spend more on digital marketing technology in 2013, according to a new report published by Econsultancy.

The findings come from the new Econsultancy/Responsys Marketing Budgets 2013 Report, which looks in detail at how companies are allocating their online and offline marketing budgets in 2013.

The report revealed a positive outlook for marketing investment as 54% of companies intend to increase their overall marketing budgets and are spending an average of 35% of their budgets on digital. It also found that more companies are planning to recruit more people into their digital marketing teams and that two-thirds of companies surveyed derive up to 50% of their total revenues from digital marketing spend.

The report can be found here.

Techbubbles’ Technology Roundup #5

By Abigail Phillips


Here’s what’s been happening in the technology industry this week:

The Social Super Bowl 2013- the winners and losers

This year’s Super Bowl really demonstrated how social media can have a significant impact on brands. Advertisers of the Superbowl, including Oreo, Coca Cola and Calvin Klein, saw their Twitter followers shoot up as they advertised on their social media pages during the Super Bowl. Budweiser also did well as their advert went viral and had over 1.5 million views and 6 million views- becoming the most third most shared Super Bowl ad of all time.

The Whispr Group has created an infographic which evaluates the social media ROI for the top brands on Twitter during the game. Visit The Wall to view it.
What do Google’s new AdWords Enhanced Campaigns mean for marketers?

Yesterday, Google released the changes it would be making to AdWords. The search engine unveiled its tool ‘Enhanced Campaigns’ which allows advertisers to target people based on the time of day, their location and the device they are using.

The aim is to simplify AdWords and allow users to manage their campaigns in one place. The pitfall of this idea is that advertisers will no longer be able to run mobile-only campaigns.

Econsultancy has asked a few of the industry experts what their thoughts are on ‘Google’s ‘Enhanced Campaigns’. To read what they have to say, click here.
LinkedIn sees jump in revenue

LinkedIn has reported a revenue of $304 million for the December quarter, an 81% increase from last year and above what Wall Street’s consensus had estimated.

The social networking site doubled its revenue from last year and premium subscription products also increased nearly 80% to under $60 million- helping it to come close to having its first billion-dollar year. The growth has been put down to a strong increase of interest and sales from recruiters, businesses and job seekers. To read more, visit Mashable.


Techbubbles’ Technology Roundup #4

By Abigail Phillips


Here are the top stories from the technology industry and social bubble this week:

Foursquare launches specialist business app

Foursquare has launched an app that allows businesses to update customers about themselves directly from their phone. The geo-location social network, announced in the week the arrival of Foursquare for business, an app which promises to help the million plus businesses on their network connect with customers quickly and easily, straight from their phone.

The new app, which is available for iOS and Android, allows businesses managers to post updates from their phone, and cross post this into Twitter and Facebook, as well as letting managers see business data and check-ins without having to be by a computer.

Read about the app here at The Wall. Continue reading

Techbubbles’ Tech Round-up #3

By Abigail Phillips


Here is what’s been happening in the technology and social industry this week:
Sony to appeal for £250,000 fine for hack into Playstation Network

Sony Computer Entertainment has been fined £250,000 for a hack on its Playstation Network that compromised the personal details of millions of its users, according to Marketing Magazine.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) imposed the fine after agreeing that Sony had breached the Data Protection Act by not putting sufficient safeguards in place to protect its Playstation Network’s users.

Sony are now objecting the fine, citing that there was no evidence to suggest that personal data has been used for fradulent purposes.

For more on the story, read here. Continue reading

Techbubbles’ Technology Roundup #2

By Abigail Phillips


Here are the top stories from the technology industry and social bubble this week:

HMV and Blockbuster call in the administrators

On Tuesday, music and DVD store HMV, announced that it was to call in the administrators after the 250 store-chain failed to reach an agreement with its bank over its debts, leaving 4,500 of its high street jobs at risk. The following day, Blockbuster announced that it was also calling in the administrators after failing to secure a sale of the UK business after a plunge in its profits. Continue reading