Cyber-criminals: Clouding their Vision

By Paul Evans, Managing Director, Redstor

As businesses off-load more and more data onto the cloud, the amount of potentially valuable information stored online is steadily and consistently increasing. This potential goldmine of business data stored in the Cloud has prompted a shift in the online threat landscape, resulting in businesses and large organisations rather than individuals being the key focus. Cyber-criminals have been attracted by larger financial gains and attacks have changed from scatter-gun approaches like phishing where large numbers of people are targeted, to specific, longer term targeting of organisations.
The main challenge to organisations is that their systems are likely to be far less sophisticated than those being used to target them. But this is where, despite arguably attracting more attention from cyber-criminals, Cloud Computing can be a life-saver for your business. A reputable cloud provider takes it’s duty of care towards it’s customers very seriously, has stringent procedures in place to safeguard data and consistently updates their services as it’s their job to keep up to date with new threats and developments.

For example, Redstor’s state-of-the-art Online Backup service is housed in data centres. They are highly secure with all access restricted to only highly trained and vetted technicians. They are highly resilient and carrier neutral to protect against a variety of threats, and all client data is encrypted before it leaves the clients’ premises and remains encrypted by using bank level encryption while in transit and whilst it’s on the platform. Redstor also makes sure that they do not have access to the encryption key, only the client does, so not even they can read their data whilst it’s in the Cloud.

Cyber-criminals: Clouding their Vision
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