Is server virtualisation right for your business?

This is an extract from Dell’s ‘Manage your data: Virtualisation for small business’ whitepaper.

Choosing the right technology with the right processing power and performance is a key consideration for any small business. Server virtualization is a highly effective approach and there are a number of reasons why companies should begin looking at virtualization as a possible route, either because of the benefits that it can deliver or because of an existing or known business need.

Server virtualization might be right for your business if you want to achieve any of the following:

• Reduce unnecessary hardware and maintenance costs

• Change and scale the infrastructure to support your business needs, without ripping out and starting again

• Reduce the risks of IT outages and data loss, and implement affordable business continuity strategies

• Provide streamlined test and development environments that are adaptable and configurable

• Make better use of IT resources by reducing the time spent on routine IT administrative tasks, such as adding and managing new server workloads or adding new employees

• Grow in your existing space and energy Envelope

The time might be right to introduce a virtualized approach if there is a need to replace aging servers or to improve the low utilisation rates of existing servers. Virtualization could offer a way to solve constrained data centre space, minimise the risk of disruption from natural disasters or provide a path to handle significant business growth ahead.

Virtualization can be evaluated at a company from a number of perspectives. It can be part of a wider server refresh or address business needs across a number of different areas including power-saving, business continuity or disaster recovery. Some companies choose to move non-mission critical applications to a virtualized environment first in order to test its positive impact while not taking any risks with regard to core business functions.

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Is server virtualisation right for your business?
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