iPhone 5 is the most searched term on the internet

By Abigail Phillips


New research shows that Apple’s iPhone 5 searches up a staggering 594% in the lead up to Christmas, despite a slump in its sales performance. According to data from independent digital marketing agency, Greenlight’s Brown Goods Sector Report- Issue 14, in November 2012, iPhone 5 was queried more than 4 million times, accounting for 34% of all Brown Goods-related searches.

However, having just last week released the newly built BlackBerry 10, the search volumes for the term ‘BlackBerry’ totalled 246,000 compared to 301,000 in August. Continue reading

Techbubbles’ Technology Roundup #4

By Abigail Phillips


Here are the top stories from the technology industry and social bubble this week:

Foursquare launches specialist business app

Foursquare has launched an app that allows businesses to update customers about themselves directly from their phone. The geo-location social network, announced in the week the arrival of Foursquare for business, an app which promises to help the million plus businesses on their network connect with customers quickly and easily, straight from their phone.

The new app, which is available for iOS and Android, allows businesses managers to post updates from their phone, and cross post this into Twitter and Facebook, as well as letting managers see business data and check-ins without having to be by a computer.

Read about the app here at The Wall. Continue reading

Is BlackBerry still THE business smartphone?

By Abigail Phillips


Yesterday, Research In Motion (RIM) released the new BlackBerry 10. The launch marked the unification of RIM and BlackBerry as they unveiled BlackBerry Q10 and Z10. After surviving much criticism regarding its position as the number one business smartphone, BlackBerry succeeded to impress its users by delivering a re-designed, re-engineered and re-innovated device for businesses. Continue reading

BlackBerry fails to connect with smartphone fans

By Abigail Phillips

77 per cent of smartphone users won’t consider buying BlackBerry, according to research from VoucherCodes.co.uk.

The poll of smartphone users found that over three quarters would not consider switching to a BlackBerry, despite the launch of the firm’s first-ever touch screen only phone. Even among current BlackBerry users, just 40 per cent say they would consider upgrading their phone.  Continue reading

Technology Headlines: TIm Cook Not Trying To Be Steve Jobs

Research in Motion (RIM), the company behind the Blackberry smartphone, has warned it will make a loss in its latest quarter. This news comes following a loss of ground as a number of customers are switching to iPhones and Androids.

Talking at the Wall Street Journal’s annual All Things Digital conference in California Apple’s new chief executive Tim Cook has said he is not trying to be the next Steve Jobs.

He also said that TV is an ‘area of intense interest‘ for the company looking forward.

A top Israeli minister has fed speculation that the Jewish state could be responsible for a powerful new virus said to have been used in a fresh attack on computers in Iran and elsewhere in the Middle East.