Making sustainability your business

By David Lear, executive director, corporate sustainability, Dell


A shift in thinking has taken place in the past few years; businesses are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint, and are striving to reinforce their environmental credentials, to find ways to care for the environment, minimise their impact and even win business.

In the past, many companies may have side-lined green initiatives, either deeming them too costly to implement or through lack of awareness of the concrete steps that could be taken and the business benefits. With changes in the environment, such as the increased accountability for CO2 emissions, rising costs of energy and legislation such as the WEEE Directive, businesses are increasingly changing their processes and creating innovative methods to minimise the environmental impact of their operations by using resources efficiently and managing wastes effectively.

For example, the supply chain, one of the most fundamental parts of many businesses, can prove to be a key place to accommodate sustainable initiatives. Continue reading