Techbubbles’ Technology Roundup #4

By Abigail Phillips


Here are the top stories from the technology industry and social bubble this week:

Foursquare launches specialist business app

Foursquare has launched an app that allows businesses to update customers about themselves directly from their phone. The geo-location social network, announced in the week the arrival of Foursquare for business, an app which promises to help the million plus businesses on their network connect with customers quickly and easily, straight from their phone.

The new app, which is available for iOS and Android, allows businesses managers to post updates from their phone, and cross post this into Twitter and Facebook, as well as letting managers see business data and check-ins without having to be by a computer.

Read about the app here at The Wall. Continue reading

Techbubbles’ Technology Roundup #2

By Abigail Phillips


Here are the top stories from the technology industry and social bubble this week:

HMV and Blockbuster call in the administrators

On Tuesday, music and DVD store HMV, announced that it was to call in the administrators after the 250 store-chain failed to reach an agreement with its bank over its debts, leaving 4,500 of its high street jobs at risk. The following day, Blockbuster announced that it was also calling in the administrators after failing to secure a sale of the UK business after a plunge in its profits. Continue reading

Technology Headlines: TIm Cook Not Trying To Be Steve Jobs

Research in Motion (RIM), the company behind the Blackberry smartphone, has warned it will make a loss in its latest quarter. This news comes following a loss of ground as a number of customers are switching to iPhones and Androids.

Talking at the Wall Street Journal’s annual All Things Digital conference in California Apple’s new chief executive Tim Cook has said he is not trying to be the next Steve Jobs.

He also said that TV is an ‘area of intense interest‘ for the company looking forward.

A top Israeli minister has fed speculation that the Jewish state could be responsible for a powerful new virus said to have been used in a fresh attack on computers in Iran and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Technology Headlines: Cookie Law Deadline Approaches

Friday marks the last working day for UK businesses to prepare their websites for a new law governing the use of cookies. As of Sunday, under the new laws, sites must obtain “informed consent” from visitors before saving cookies on a machine.

In what has been a bad week for Facebook, there is some ‘good’ news. The social media giants have launched a new camera photo app that is remarkably like Instagram, which Facebook brought last month for a staggering $1 billion.

In a refreshing change from the usual stance shown by chief executives, Apple’s Tim Cook has opted to forgo the $75m (£48m) dividend payments that he was set to earn on the 1m shares he has received from the company.