Why Yahoo! is banning home working

By David Sturges, Chief Operating Officer, WorkPlaceLive


The news that the chief executive of Yahoo! Marissa Mayer has banned executives from working from home is bound to go down like a lead balloon. She has been accused of taking the company back to the 1980s. Richard Branson has been drawn into the debate who commented that Ms Mayer’s pronouncement was ‘perplexing’ and ‘backwards ’in today’s mobile work environment. Continue reading

Technology Headlines: Yahoo, Apple and Eduardo Saverin

The news that Yahoo chief executive, Scott Thompson, had stepped down this weekend was not the only major technology news. Here is a look at a selection of the other leading technology headlines.

Apple have announced that they will stop using the phrase ’4G’ in their iPad adverts, as it is deemed misleading given that 4G is not widely available in the UK and the iPad will not work with it when it is.

Facebook’s Brazilian born co-founder, Eduardo Saverin, has renounced his US citizenship ahead of the company going public on Friday. His decision means he will avoid paying around $600m (£373m) in tax when he picks up his share of the site’s stock offering.

Sticking with the social media giants now as Facebook have announced plans that will allow users to may a small fee in order to further promote their posts. At present trials are being carried on with users in New Zealand.