Tools for Growing an Audience On Social Media

Unless you’re a particularly well known-consumer brand or business owner it’s unlikely you can just start broadcasting on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and have people hunt you down. Social media is about give and take, therefore start out making your presence known by first finding people to follow and pages to like. Get something back from Twitter by following people who might be useful and relevant to your business, like authority writers; industry figures, related suppliers etc. A number of specialist Twitter directories exist that allow you to search for people in your sector by their interest or even location. Many of the people you follow may even follow you back immediately, or perhaps wait until they’re sure you have something they need to listen to!

  • allows you to search by tags and cities
  • Just tweet it sorts Twitter users by directory categories
  • Whilst Facebook pages are no longer called “fan pages” and extend to different types Fan Page List is the best collated resource of the top pages for brands, organisations, celebrities and more

By Nichola Stott, founder of theMediaFlow, a boutique search and social media agency offering high-quality strategies and solutions across a range of business sectors.

Tools for Growing an Audience On Social Media
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