Virtualisaion: Barriers to adoption

This is an extract from Dell’s ‘Manage your data: Virtualisation for small business’ whitepaper.

Although many small businesses have already implemented virtualization, budget and resources are sometimes impediments to rolling it out more broadly within their organizations.

Of those small businesses that have not yet virtualized, lack of budget is often the leading reason. Other key inhibitors include uncertainty over the business benefits, which solution to adopt, and a lack of IT skills.

Virtualization is only achieved through careful deployment and failure to do this could mean a company falls prey to server sprawl where multiple, under-utilized servers take up more space and consume more resources than can be justified by their workload or indeed cannot be fiscally justified. Common causes of server sprawl include the purchase of a large number of inexpensive, low-end servers and the practice of dedicating servers to single applications. This is a phenomenon created by a virtualization strategy that is not tightly managed and planned, resulting in increased management costs to support numerous virtual machines which may not be needed.

Virtualisaion: Barriers to adoption
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