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Digital Marketing Trends For Business In 2018

The rapid advancement in technology and has disrupted change across all walks of life. What is more interesting is that there is a constant rate of innovation churning and does not seem to be pausing in the near or even far future. In fact, this era might be the very initial step in technological reform of this planted if seen through the lenses of upcoming centuries.

One such progression that has totally changed the style and trends in businesses is the birth of digital marketing. As the name indicates, this marketing medium employs virtual patterns across a range of mediums such as mobile phones, social media platforms, display advertisements, and many other such things for the endorsement of products and services.

Digital marketing started off mainly in the early 2000’s as the web evolved. Each year brings new reforms, updates and changes that compel commercial ventures to stay in touch with latest industry news and happenings.

Like all the previous years, 2018 has also seen and is expected to be seeing more progressive trends in digital marketing making it more effective and efficient means for the companies to grow their businesses with. You, as a digital market dependent group; must pay heed to current trends, understand them, and apply them giving your best if you want to confirm your position in the market.

Here is a small list of current trends you must follow if you do not wish to be forced aside in today’s digital market.

1- Failure of the Influencer Market

It had been a trend from the last few years for companies to invest a large portion of their resources into influential marketing. This trend is still being practiced but little do people realize that there are many other marketing tendencies that can provide them with the same results without investing billions. Now in 2018, people have understood the need to move towards more advanced, fast and altogether economical ways. It is advisable for companies to now move towards grass root level promotions and stay away from the influencers who bring less awareness and less ROI altogether.

2- Augmented Reality Integration Using Social Media

In 2018, it is becoming customary for our social apps as well as our personalized devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc. to employ Augmented Reality as a main technology. AR is not only making our lives easier but is also making devices better than before. The fact that the very first app using this idea i.e. Pokémon Go, became famous far and wide in literally no time is proof as to why companies need to employ this technology for the digital marketing world as soon as possible. If brands can use this technology effectively, they will get to know your location and will generate such marketing content that will only be accessed at that specific spot. This will make marketing interesting as well as faster in 2018.       

3- Going with Customer at Each Step

A long-term trend for companies has been is to employ data to see where their customers are and what they need. However, up till now the way data is used to be with customers at each step of their journey with the business has not been elaborated upon much. Understanding the customers’ journey is going to be the most important objective in the year 2018. This will help you embark on your journey to be a successful digital marketer. Companies such as Willshapools Resurfacing must utilize consumer data effectively to analyse their decision-making patterns from intent to post-purchase experiences. By staying in touch with your target market, you can anticipate his needs better and understand what it is that makes him gravitate towards your product and services.

4- Live Video with Advancements

People do not watch blurred live videos telecasted with poor internet connections as fiber internet technology is spreading widely and becoming available within most localities. If companies want to use live video to market their products and services, they should use a professional way of live video telecast that is being regulated in 2018 with new upgrades almost every month. Many social media platforms have this feature and are striving to make it better every day to make the connection between people and companies even more intimate.

5- Integrated User Interface

Although there has been a stable place for conversational robots such as Alexa of Amazon, Cortana of Microsoft, Google Assistant, chat bots, and other IUs etc. since the past few years. It is now being expected that these IUs will bring a revolution in the digital marketing world soon. These IUs will not only keep on making a stable place in users’ lives in 2018, but also will become an inevitable part of their lives soon. Using a Conversational User Interface is soon going to be a trend in the digital market that will give an opportunity for the brands to interact with their customers in an easier way than ever before. By getting to know more about the issues and needs of the customers, brand and companies will change and upgrade their products and policies accordingly. This will not only help them in becoming current and prospective users’ favorite but will also assist them expand more both financially and in their reputational aspects.

Using these and many other digital market revolutionary trends, the business can go to the highest level of success in literally no time at all.

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5 Common Mistakes Most New Entrepreneurs Do

Starting a business is really challenging. It is again another challenge for an entrepreneur to grow and expand the business. Some entrepreneurs are used to all the struggles and circumstances of running a business. For those who are still newcomers in the business industry, it is really difficult. There are a lot of things that they need to learn along the way to be strong and skilled. With this, mistakes are inevitable. Here are the five common mistakes most new entrepreneurs do:

z2 - 5 Common Mistakes Most New Entrepreneurs Do

Rush startup

Starting your own business is really exciting. You can already visualize great income and plenty of customers, to the point that you forget to research and planning. This is a common mistake among new entrepreneurs. They rush to starting the business immediately without even knowing what to expect in the following days. Business plan, financial plan, and marketing plan are important during the startup phase.

No realistic goals

Part of planning is setting goals for yourself as an entrepreneur and your business. New entrepreneurs have set goals. However, these goals are usually not achievable and realistic. Usually, they aim to earn double in the first month of their business. However, they did not realize that it takes months to actually conclude that your business is earning.

z1 - 5 Common Mistakes Most New Entrepreneurs Do

Not investing on technology

Small business owners are afraid of investing in technology. New technology may be intimidating, however, it provides new opportunities for the business. It also increases business productivity and efficiency which helps you generate more revenue and reduce costs.

Weak marketing

In connection with technology, new entrepreneurs too are estimating the power of technology to elevate marketing efforts. The most practical way to promote a business is through digital marketing strategies. Social media marketing is the first choice. It allows you to reach target audience instantly, especially now that people are into social networks. Without marketing, your business will not be established in the market.

Income > customers

It is true that income is very important for a business. But entrepreneurs should never forget that their income relies on the number of customers who consume their products and services. It is very important for a business to always find time to give “extra” to their customers. Customer service should always be available where customers can air their concerns, queries, and feedbacks. Business should also conduct promos and offer great deals and freebies as gratitude for their customers’ loyalty.

Blog10 809x410 - Virtual Reality Technology and Its Impact on Business Growth

Virtual Reality Technology and Its Impact on Business Growth

Virtual reality is one of the technological breakthroughs of the 21st century. Actually, the concept of virtual reality started in the early 1950s. But it was only in the 2000s when VR headsets are massively produced. It redefined gaming and entertainment standards. On the other hand, it has also improved other fields in the world, including education, healthcare, and most especially, business. Most companies now are integrating virtual reality technology into their operations to increase productivity and efficiency. Here are five ways virtual reality helped business to grow:


Businesses have now developed a more engaging and interactive way of training applications and their employees. Thanks to virtual reality, anyone can experience “reality” even if they are still training. Virtual reality has redefined simulation exercises. Today, workers are immersed in the real experience through the virtual space. It makes learning easier and fun for people.

x1 - Virtual Reality Technology and Its Impact on Business Growth


Virtual reality also improved the way members of the organization communicate with each other. It is evident in teleconferencing, for example.  Workers do not need to actually be physically present at a conference or a simple meeting. Virtual reality makes it possible for them to gather together, discuss matters, as if they are in one meeting place.


Creating designs and prototypes of products is much easier because of virtual reality technology. Organizations can save time from actually producing the prototypes. For example, a smartphone company has to produce 10 prototypes of 10 models of smartphones. That is costly and time-consuming. On the other hand, VR immerses developers into the product experience, skipping the costs and hassle of creating real product models.


Virtual reality is also very helpful in the fields of engineering and architecture. Creating layout and blueprints has now entered the virtual space. It is now easier for architects and engineers to visualize structures through virtual technology. They can be able to check some inconsistencies in their design, internal and external through VR.

x2 - Virtual Reality Technology and Its Impact on Business Growth

Customer Service

Customers can also benefit from virtual reality. With regards to customer service, businesses can now reach more personally to their customers. There are a few companies who are already using VR technology to telecommute with their customers. Moreover, it can also be helpful in providing a product experience to the consumers, especially in trade shows and launchings.

Virtual reality technology is expected to dominate the world in the next years to come. With virtual technology, businesses can innovate towards their growth and development.

4486366251280x720 820x410 - Quick Tips On How To Create Awesome Videos For Your Business

Quick Tips On How To Create Awesome Videos For Your Business

It is a well-known fact that content that is visual in nature has stronger chances of grabbing your audience’s attention. Videos, images, presentations, infographics etc are more reader-friendly as compared to lengthy paragraphs in text form.

The number of commercial ventures utilizing video marketing to create and improve brand awareness has grown in the recent years. Brands are tapping into the power of storytelling to establish an emotional connect with their audiences. Videos are becoming a preferred source of content in the world of B2B branding and sales.

Currently, video marketing is the hottest marketing trend in digital media and is considered as being an informative yet entertaining methodology to engage with the target market. It has the ability to make a direct impact on prospects, market influencers, opinion leaders and existing customers.

Do you feel you are not equipped with the knowledge to create, produce and edit videos? Well, do not worry as there are plenty of user-friendly software out there that can equip you with the set of skills you need. In order to obtain fruitful results, you need to have a lot more than basic video editing knowledge. We have identified a few important and proven principles that may help you in your video making journey.


The easiest way to captivate your customer’s attention is to craft a compelling story that is built around the essence of your brand. Of course, it depends on your marketing or campaign’s objective, but your story can be knit around your brand, encapsulating your vision, mission and conveying how it will improve your client’s life or serve as a solution to an existing need.


According to recent studies, it was discovered that almost one fifth of viewers close videos within the initial 10 seconds if they do not find it alluring. This means your introduction has to be absolutely magnificent and unique! Avoid those “Once upon a time” approaches and other cliched creations. It is not advised to make a sales pitch but to educate the consumer how the brand or product in question will work wonders.


You do not need to focus the entire video content on the benefits and outcomes of your product but on why it can help the viewer and why you do what you do. The message should be delivered by keeping your mission in the spotlight rather than implementing direct sales tactics. This can be a real turn off for your target audience!


Before making your first video, make sure you are equipped with the right amount of knowledge and information that is required to position your product or service as an influential and enthralling brand. Dig deep and do your homework well! Research is imperative at this point so you can understand your viewer’s persona. The beauty of digital marketing is that it offers you real time insights and allows you to build a customer profile based on tastes, motivations and preferences.


Most people watch videos on their tablets or smartphones. It is crucial that your videos be compatible with different platforms such as Facebook, instagram and Twitter etc. It is mandatory that marketing videos should be platform friendly, downloadable and shareable as it will have a significant impact on your brand awareness graph.


The internet is a sea of never-ending information and to break through its clutter, you must optimize your video for search engine optimization purposes. A powerhouse video marketing campaign should be equipped with an influential and relevant video-description that incorporates pertinent keywords to let it rank higher search engine result pages. Also remember and embed video content on your money pages as this can help drive conversions and also reduce the bounce rate across your site. You can read more here on how to do this.


Rather than focusing solely on the promotion and sales of your brand, the content of the video should be educational. Be creative, incorporate humor and make your customer smile. After all, you can never go wrong with the element of humor (unless done distastefully. Do not go down that road!). Carve your niche in the market and position yourself as a leading expert in your field. This will not only build brand trust but will make you the preferred source of information in your industry when customers seek knowledge. Make sure you are always honest and transparent as well.


The advent of information technology and communication has placed the world at our fingertips. We have developed the capability to search product reviews and see customer comparisons within a short time frame. By adding customer’s reviews, testimonials and feedback in your videos, it will build brand credibility and assist in achieving sales objectives.


Always, always and always include a call to action in your video. This can range from signing up for a newsletter, giving a thumbs up to the video or subscribing to the YouTube channel etc. Improving the degree of interaction and engagement will only serve you better.


If you want to gain the trust and confidence of your customers, you need to make them feel that you are actually trying to come up with strategies that are beneficial for them. You can easily do this through generating tutorials for your products. We are not telling you to reveal your secret ingredient but to help educate the customer


Anything too lengthy with never ending lectures and strategies can simply bore the audience. The fact is today’s audience has a shorter attention span. So, we advise you to keep your videos short and sweet! This will also promote top of the mind brand recall for your portfolio of services.


Share the magic you have made through a process known as content and video marketing. You need to device a campaign that creates hype of the video itself and gains virality.


Blog9 809x410 - 9 Ways Technology is Increasing Business Productivity

9 Ways Technology is Increasing Business Productivity

A lot of things have changed since the arrival of the digital age. Technology has set high standards for doing business. As a matter of fact, most businesses now embrace technology in doing tasks and accomplishing business goals. According to a poll in 2013, two-thirds of small business find it hard to survive without wireless technology.

In this article, we will discuss how technology help businesses improve, especially in their productivity and efficiency:

m2 - 9 Ways Technology is Increasing Business Productivity

Instant communication

The major contribution of technology to businesses is instant communication. Today, we have smartphones to instantly call and text our colleagues. Social media also allows more convenient sharing of thoughts and sentiments. Business-to-business communication is reliant on e-mails. With technology, anyone can reach a person in just a matter of seconds.

Easy collaboration

Telecommuting or teleconferencing is also a thing of the internet era. There are various collaboration software that allows members of the organization to assemble and discuss matters virtually. It saves them time from going to a particular meeting place. Anyone can actually continue what they are working on while attending the meeting.

Accessible information

Cloud computing is one of the technological breakthroughs of the 21st century. Anyone can share data through the cloud. The cloud is a virtual storage that can hold unlimited data. According to a study in 2014, almost 100% of small and mid-sized businesses are dependent on cloud. In fact, cloud storage reduces IT workload up to 42% because of easier access to information (Microsoft 2012).

Perform complex functions

There are hundreds of productivity software available that helps in performing various tasks and functions. A computer can hold dozens of software specifically designed for certain applications – database management, bookkeeping, office solutions, photo and video editing, etc.

Advances marketing strategies

Gone are the days when marketers have to go from house to house to promote their products. Today, digital marketing strategies are widely used by companies. Apart from it is very effective, it costs lesser than traditional media marketing. Some of the most used strategies are social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Motivates employees

Basically, technology helps workers and employees with their work. It motivates them to become more productive. One of the primary reasons why employees leave their job because of outdated technology and systems. Today, the demand for service increases. It is important that you invest in technology to increase your business productivity.

Monitor business development

Technology also helps organizations track changes and developments in their business. It even provides them some insights on what actions to take for the growth of the business. Through this, employees can maximize their time doing their functions while the computer monitors their business.

m1 - 9 Ways Technology is Increasing Business Productivity

Analyze performance

Today, technology can also provide business analysis and advanced reporting about business performance, market trends, competitions, and customer preferences, among others.

Improves customer engagement

On top of these all, technology improves customer engagement by making customer service more accessible. Moreover, increased productivity enables the business to attend to increasing consumer demand.

2018 Dubai Slider Conference 820x399 - 10 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Next Digital Conference

10 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Next Digital Conference

One of the best things you could do to improve your business, whatever niche or industry you are working in, is attending those conferences that you may have been put off by in the past.  Even if you have been going to them regularly in the past and see their worth, it may be that you are still not benefiting from them fully.  In the following post, we will highlight 10 ways you to get the best out of the next conference you attend.

Find Out Who Will Be Attending

Before you attend a conference, it is a good use of your time in the run-up to the event to start connecting with people and networking with them before you actually go.  Most conferences and events have Facebook and Twitter pages to support them.  Check out who is going to attend and try messaging them online before it.  It shouldn’t just assume that you will be able to run into all your prospects on an actual day.  By doing it ahead of time, you can share time and get their attention instead of just trying to stuff things into a quick conference chat.

Be Prepared With The Right Gear

Normally, conferences are held over multiple days and as you will be spending a lot of hours at them each day, it is crucial that you have all the gear you will need for each day.  Save stress by planning this all out in advance.  This includes:

  • Making sure you pack laptop and phone chargers and keep them close to you.  The last thing you would want to happen is not having batteries.
  • Packing enough business cards.  It is better to have more business cards than you think you’ll need because you can never know how many people you will meet.
  • Bring any additional materials you need for any demonstrations.  Attending a conference is not just about pitching ideas to people the whole time.  Though, if one of those meetings you have set up with an interested buyer turns out to be a sales opportunity, it will be a lot more efficient if you can walk them through the product efficiently

Review The Conference Agenda

This is perhaps common sense, but it is worth highlighting.  It is important to establish just what you are looking to learn from the conference, using the conference agenda to plan out a way to achieve it.  Ensure that you are present for the big conference-wide events such as keynote addresses.  Don’t worry about missing out on other stuff during these big talks, because most conferences will focus everything on them. 

For smaller sessions, consider the subject matter and speaker.  Remember though that the more tactical sessions will probably be helpful, no matter who is taking the lead in them.  Although other sessions not related to your profession may seem less important; however, if you’re looking to meet an industry leader is the main speaker, it may still be worth attending. 

Familiarise Yourself

Once you have your personalised lanyard from Digital ID, it is vital that you familiarise yourself with the venue the conference will be held in, to ensure you don’t get lost and miss anything important.  Showing up late could not only mean you miss out on valuable information, but may also mean that you make a poor first impression on people. 

Register As Early As Possible

Once you arrive at the conference venue, head to the registration desk as soon as you possibly can so you avoid the queues.  You may be able to register early online, and if you can you should. 

Split Up And Cover It All

If you are going to an event with fellow co-workers or business partners, it is wise to take in as much as you can.  If you all attend the same things at the same time, there was no point in you all going.  Split up and try to cover as many of the different talks, seminars, demonstrations and whatever else is on offer.  Regroup at lunchtime or at the end of the day to discuss key points.

Try To Connect With Customers

Faceless contact with customers is good, but there is nothing better than face-to-face meet-ups.  this is particularly helpful if you have recently had issues with your relationship with customers and clients.  Take the time to address any issues at the conference, but if things are going well you can still meet and greet with clients and customers, as this will only strengthen your professional relationship.

Be Part Of The Bigger Picture

The majority of conferences and events these days tend to have a hashtag associated with them.  While the event is in progress, be sure to tag any Instagram posts, Tweets, and Facebook posts correctly, using the hashtag.  Also, make sure you keep an eye on the hashtag during the course of the event, to see what other attendees are discussing.  Starting a conversation in this way is a good way to approach and network with someone you are keen to meet.

Stay Organised Throughout The Event

If attended correctly, you can easily come away with a huge pile of different numbers, names, email addresses, and notes – way more than you would be able to remember if you hadn’t written them down.  However, make sure the notes and details you take down are labeled and tagged and organized or you will never be able to make sense of them in the days, weeks and even months after the event has finished.

Remember To Follow-up

It is important to connect with any people you met and exchanged details with at the conference, as soon as you can in the days following the event.  Send LinkedIn requests and other follow-up notes while everyone still has the event fresh in their minds.  Be sure to personalize your notes and requests, as everyone’s inboxes will be full of similar messages.  Make sure yours stands out and that the people can remember exactly who you are.

training2 820x410 - 6 Strategies That Will Help With On-The-Job Training For Your Tech Startup

6 Strategies That Will Help With On-The-Job Training For Your Tech Startup

Simply put, On-The-Job Training (OJT) is a fundamental method for training and helping new workers find their feet. Reaching as far back as the medieval time, it is the oldest kind of training that was used to mentor recruits.

In this training procedure one worker usually a manager or a seasoned employee passes expertise and skills to a rookie. Typically, the newly trained workers are expected to use their freshly obtained skills at work promptly.

In a well-monitored and well-implemented OJT program, all new workers obtain constant, reliable, and efficient training from the instructor designated to them.

With a carefully curated and structured on-the-job practice such a learning more about types of fire extinguishers, or being trained on the various internal systerms within the business you can benefit from saving large chunks on your training budget.

In fact, it is considered by most employers the most cost-friendly strategy of offering workplace training to staff members.

Most employers report an increase in staff morale following on-the-job training programs.

In a research conducted by TJinsite, around 40% of business employers elected OJT for enhanced efficiency. And 35% voted in favour of OJT for boosting staff morale. A substantial share of the evaluated companies also stated that they saw a decrease in attrition while using training and development methods.

Furthermore, workers also value understanding and training they get from the work environment given that it allows them to establish expertise and abilities without leaving the job.

Based on the TJinsite study, 71% of staff members named on-the-job training conducted by veteran employees as one of the most favoured approaches when it comes to workplace training. Other training approaches come with a much lesser recommendation as far as employees are concerned. For example, seminars and workshops scored (15%), outsourced instructors (11%) and guidebooks & manuals (3%).

Primarily, on-the-job training for new staff members is typically preceded by an induction program which is aimed at ensuring recruits are familiar with organisation’s policies, philosophies, culture, mission statement and procedures.

There are many strategies a company can implement when it comes to setting up on-the-job training. For example, there are internship programs, coaching, job instruction and so on. So then let us now look at the six top strategies for On-The-Job Training.

Job Rotation

This type of training mostly involves giving employees the opportunity to try out several different roles. Typically, this approach of training is deployed in training supervisors for simple management positions. But sometimes regular employees can be given rotation OJT training. This will have far-reaching implications in terms of helping the employee understand the difficulties that come with each job role and to accord the respect due to their colleagues with different job roles.

For example, job rotation technique is continuously being used by the banking sector to promote probationary officers after periods of roughly two years to the post of assistant bank supervisor. Under this method of training, prospects are positioned in core areas such as clerical job, assistant, cashier and then supervisory job so that they have an understanding of the significance and nature of every post before assuming the assistant bank manager role.


In this method of OJT, a senior staff member is assigned to tutor an employee. The employee sees the senior member of staff as their private coach. The senior staff offers feedback to the student on their efficiency and consistently shares ideas for enhancement. A major setback of this technique of training is that the student might not have the flexibility or chance to reveal their own concepts.

Job Instruction

Mostly referred to by many as step by step or structured on the job training technique, this training strategy involves an instructor preparing an employee with a summary of the job, its function, and the expected outcomes after demonstrating their knowledge in the role. The instructor then allows the staff member to simulate the presentation based on their own skills. After this, the instructor provides their feedback and correction. Hence, this technique is commonly called training through step by step.

Committee Assignments

This type of training is different from the rest. It encourages teamwork among employees but can quickly become a time waster. Here, staff members are put in teams and asked to solve a standard issue. They are required to brainstorm, share ideas and deliver a compelling argument to justify their stance. This will help to build confidence in employees and broaden their understanding of complex issues.


Apprenticeship is a legalised technique of training curriculum program that integrates class education with on-the-job work under close guidance. Most apprenticeship programs take time for the Apprentice to learn the skills thoroughly. It usually involves a carefully structured plan which the Apprentice must complete and take on an assessment before being considered to have mastered the skill.

This technique is suitable for training in crafts and trades, mainly when efficiency in a job is the outcome of reasonably extended training or apprenticeship duration, e.g., job of an artisan, a machinist, a pattern designer, a mechanic, and so on


An internship is another form of the on-the-job training. Internship training programs are collectively sponsored by colleges, universities and commercial organisations to provide trainees with the chance to acquire real-life experience as well as work. With the help of internship programs, newly graduates will already have real-life skills on the job when looking for a job. This adds a huge advantage to their CV as employers almost always give preference to employees with some level of on the job experience.


No doubt, on the job training assists your business to limit expenses on practice, but it also comes at a cost. You must analyse the benefits and considerations of your business before deciding on OJT. For instance, you can teach the non-critical task through on the job training as it will not cost you a lot regarding efficiency and performance. On the contrary, other high calibre tasks can lead to further complications, expenses and delays if interrupted with on-the-job training.

bigstock Business Team At Work 177017692 820x410 - Top Tips for managing your Business Finances in the New Year

Top Tips for managing your Business Finances in the New Year

Every New Year, millions of us are inspired to use the fresh start as a spring-board to make positive changes to our lives – whether personal or professional. When it comes to your business, getting your finances organised and under control can be the perfect resolution.

It’s easy to fall prey to mistakes and oversights if you haven’t managed money in a professional capacity before, which many small business owners haven’t. Whether your finances are already firmly under control, or you think you could improve in this area, these tips could give you some financial organisation inspiration.

1 – Have a Realistic and Flexible Budget

It might seem like a chore, but setting a budget for your business is essential to staying on track with what you spend. Having a plan in place can help prevent over-spending, and allows you to identify your spending priorities. Allowing some flexibility in your budget is also a good idea, as essential costs can change over time, and might be more, or less, than you predicted.

2 – Pay yourself a Salary

Treating your business as your own personal fund might be tempting, but in the long run it is far better to pay yourself a set salary, which falls within your budget. Including your own pay as a set cost, rather than having it vary from month to month, makes planning expenditure far easier. Equally, though, be careful not to underpay yourself. You might want to live on a reduced budget to maximise business spending, but this is likely to be unsustainable. Running a business is hard work, and should pay yourself well to reflect this. Finding the balance is key!

3 – Digitise Records

Not only does it make keeping track of income and expenditure far easier in the long-term, but keeping digital records also protects you from the stress of lost or destroyed paper documents. Using a cloud-based service will allow you to access your records from anywhere, and protect them. This kind of software can be a really worthwhile investment.

4 – Keep Debts under Control

Many businesses will require credit from time to time – whether to cover start-up costs, or a later expansion. Clearly, it is vital to approach debt with caution. Knowing exactly how your repayment schedule will pan out, and accounting for this in your budget, is a good place to start. If you feel that your business is being overwhelmed by debt, it is worth seeking professional help.

5 – Separate Business and Personal Finance

Having separate accounts for personal and business spending is essential. In the early days of a business, it might seem simpler to keep everything together, but, over time, untangling business from personal expenses can be a challenging affair. Separate accounts allow you to see business expenses and income far more clearly.

6 – Account for tougher Times

When constructing a budget for your business, don’t plan to spend every available penny. The income of your business can and will fluctuate, so taking this into account is vital to your financial success. It can be tempting to reinvest heavily in your business to force it to grow quickly, but this kind of spending is unlikely to be sustainable. It is better to set aside funds to cover emergency costs in a market place which can be volatile.

7 – Establish a Savings Plan

As mentioned in the last tip, setting funds aside for financial emergencies is essential. Ideally, this should be enough to cover the running costs of your business for a few months. It can be useful to keep this fund separated from savings earmarked for business expansion. Whether hiring more staff, taking on a larger work-space, or increasing production, growing your business is likely to be costly. Saving for this growth is essential if you want your business to expand, and contributions to your savings account should ideally be factored into your budget.

8 – Set Targets

Targets are the single best way to measure progress, so whether your a global supplier of plastic strapping or a new start-up setting financial targets for your business is essential. Setting targets for your business also gives you a chance to consider your priorities, by ensuring you take some time to think about which areas you most want to make progress in.

9 – Consider hiring a Professional

If balancing the books really isn’t your forte, and your budget can manage it, you could consider hiring a professional bookkeeper to help you organise your finances. A professional will be able to ensure you pay the correct amount of tax, and keep your books organised, so could definitely save you a considerable amount of trouble.

10 – Review your Prices

Due to factors such as inflation and changing production costs, regularly reviewing your pricing structure is essential. When production prices rise, some companies choose to ‘absorb’ these costs rather than passing them onto the consumer, but this strategy might prove unfeasible for smaller businesses. When in doubt about what an appropriate price for your goods or services might be, research is vital. You might consider carrying out a customer survey, or examining the pricing structures of similar businesses. When pricing, it is important to remember that the price itself is less important than perceived value for money, so maintaining a reputation for quality is key.

Blog6 809x410 - 6 Effective Strategies to Expand Your Business in 2018

6 Effective Strategies to Expand Your Business in 2018

Starting a business is really challenging. You need to do a lot of research about products and services, consumers, location, etc. If you have survived the startup phase, congratulations! However, there is another challenge that you need to face…and that is to grow your business.

Again, it requires another set of research and determination to grow your business successfully. Here are our six effective strategies to expand your business in 2018:

Let others franchise your business

Franchising has been a thing in business for roughly two decades already. It is a very good opportunity for you to expand your business. The advantage of being a franchisor is that you do not have to undergo the startup phase of the business. You just provide the resources to the franchisee. As a matter of fact, there are over 44,000 franchised outlets in the United Kingdom, as per 2015 statistics.

Branch out to another location

If you do not want others to duplicate your business, then you can do it yourself. This time, you have to branch out to another location. This is great especially you master the art of running your business. But, keep in mind that it’s like starting another business in a sense that you have to put up a capital again, buy equipment and products, hire people, set up the location, etc.

jj2 - 6 Effective Strategies to Expand Your Business in 2018

Offer other products and services

If you still do not have a capital to start another branch of your business, then you can simply expand your business by diversifying your products and services. According to small business consultant Frances McGuckin, offering other services provides you more streams of income. You can sell complementary products, offer classes and lessons, etc.

Be available for other markets

When you started your business, you have your desired target market. Now, it’s time to explore other markets and be available for them. It is a very effective strategy to expand your business, by targeting other markets. If you sell products and services dedicated to adults, then start calling the interests of children or the elderly.

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Partner with other businesses

A partnership is very effective in growing your business. It involves the exchange of products and services. In this way, you can be able to increase your revenue or cut your costs. First, look for a business that can be compatible with you. If you are a computer repair enterprise, then partner with companies that depend its operations fully on computers, say BPO companies. Through this, you can exclusively provide them your services.

Expand through the internet

In this modern world, technology is very important. It has redefined how people do business. In fact, it can really help you grow your business. How? Build your presence online just like how you build your business. Establishing your business on the digital platform involves internet marketing strategies like SEO, social media and email marketing, among others. Through the internet, you can expand your reach across the globe. They can order your products online. You can also provide lessons or classes online. The internet really allows you to do a lot of things.

Laptop and Computer repairs 820x400 - The Most Common Laptop Issues And How You Can Fix Them

The Most Common Laptop Issues And How You Can Fix Them

Things have certainly changed a lot since the laptops invention, haven’t they? Today it seems like everyone is packing a smartphone or tablet but while these new devices have certainly affected the laptops popularity I don’t think it’s right to say they have replaced it.

A laptop or netbook is a very different device to a smartphone or tablet and can do a lot of things they can’t. So, I think it’s fair to say the laptops and netbooks will be around for a long time, yet they are very versatile machines after all.

But just like computers laptops can fall victim to a number of issues and faults and knowing what do to fix these issues isn’t always easy. To be honest it rarely ever is easy, but we can help! Below we’ve outlined some of the more common technical problems that can affect laptops.

So, before you head down to a repair shop or call in a technician such as PC Doc who offer computer repairs in Edinburgh why not try fixing the problem yourself? You’d be surprised just how easy it can be sometimes, so let’s take a look at how you can go about fixing the common technical issues all laptop owners should know about.

It’s Not Charging

Laptops are certainly versatile and portable, but those advantages do come with their own set of problems and one of the most annoying is charging. All laptops regardless of brand will require charging and as a laptop owner, you should prepare yourself to face a charging problem sooner or later.

So, what should you do if your laptop won’t charge? Well, the first thing you should do is inspect the battery. The battery can usually be removed on most models of laptop and it may simply need cleaning a little as dirt can sometimes block the connection.

If that doesn’t fix the issue inspect the charger the jack is usually very fragile on a laptop charger, so it may have come loose. If the jack is loose, you may be able to manipulate it back into place and use it temporarily while you wait for a new one.

Either way, it is usually a good idea to have a replacement charger on hand just in case.

No Space To Save!

One common drawback of a laptop or netbook is that their space is limited when compared to a regular computer. This is an unfortunate truth your average laptop is not going to offer the same amount of memory as your average computer, although nowadays many modern laptops still offer plenty of space.

So, that’s why being faced with a message informing you that you have no space left can be a frustrating one for laptop owners. Thankfully it’s an easy problem to fix all you need to do is delete some stuff to make more room, but remember deleting any documents or files won’t be enough.

This will usually just send them to your recycle bin you will need to empty the recycle bin to get rid of them for good. If you can’t afford to delete anything right now, then you may able to increase your laptop’s memory or use a cloud-based server to save documents in the meantime.

I Can’t Connect To The Internet

Laptops and netbooks are so valuable because they allow us to work and surf the web on the go, that’s why finding out you can’t connect to the internet can be incredibly frustrating. Now I’ am sure you already know that there could be a number of reasons for this but there is one particular common issue for laptop owners.

If you’re trying to connect to the internet and simply seeing a red X or message that says you can’t connect right now, then the issue is probably to do with your wireless internet button. All models of a laptop will usually have a wireless internet button, however, the problem with this is that said button is not always easy to identify.

If you check your manual you might be able to find it, but you can usually bypass this simply by going to your laptops control panel and then clicking network settings. From there you’ll want to find the Wi-Fi adapter and then turn it back on. Pressing the F2 key will also sometimes turn your wireless internet back on, but this won’t work on all models of laptop.


While they do come in a range of sizes laptops are in general very small machines, but they do pack a lot of power which means they can heat up fast. This means the risk of your laptop overheating is higher than you probably think it is, and overheating can cause a lot of issues.

If you find your laptop suddenly shutting down after an hour or so and then not coming back on for a while it will be because it’s overheating. To help alleviate this you should try to not use your laptop for longer periods (although we know this isn’t always practical) you should also ensure your laptop is regularly cleaned.

Open the screen and give it a quick clean with some tissue paper or a wipe and then clean the casing. Dust is one of the most common causes of overheating in a laptop and as such, you should try to keep your laptop free of it.

Touchpad Troubles

If your laptop’s touchpad is being troublesome then you’ll need to examine it closely, to make sure nothing is blocking the edges sometimes water can build-up. If it looks clear and everything seems tidy, then the problem could be the sensitivity.

You should open the control panel and go to the devices and printer’s icon and from there to the mouse settings. From there you’ll be able to adjust the sensitivity of the touchpad and test it out to make it more comfortable for you. If the touchpad is damaged internally then you’ll either have to send your laptop in for repairs or you maybe people able to bypass it by using a mouse.


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