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9 Ways Technology is Increasing Business Productivity

A lot of things have changed since the arrival of the digital age. Technology has set high standards for doing business. As a matter of fact, most businesses now embrace technology in doing tasks and accomplishing business goals. According to a poll in 2013, two-thirds of small business find it hard to survive without wireless technology.

In this article, we will discuss how technology help businesses improve, especially in their productivity and efficiency:

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Instant communication

The major contribution of technology to businesses is instant communication. Today, we have smartphones to instantly call and text our colleagues. Social media also allows more convenient sharing of thoughts and sentiments. Business-to-business communication is reliant on e-mails. With technology, anyone can reach a person in just a matter of seconds.

Easy collaboration

Telecommuting or teleconferencing is also a thing of the internet era. There are various collaboration software that allows members of the organization to assemble and discuss matters virtually. It saves them time from going to a particular meeting place. Anyone can actually continue what they are working on while attending the meeting.

Accessible information

Cloud computing is one of the technological breakthroughs of the 21st century. Anyone can share data through the cloud. The cloud is a virtual storage that can hold unlimited data. According to a study in 2014, almost 100% of small and mid-sized businesses are dependent on cloud. In fact, cloud storage reduces IT workload up to 42% because of easier access to information (Microsoft 2012).

Perform complex functions

There are hundreds of productivity software available that helps in performing various tasks and functions. A computer can hold dozens of software specifically designed for certain applications – database management, bookkeeping, office solutions, photo and video editing, etc.

Advances marketing strategies

Gone are the days when marketers have to go from house to house to promote their products. Today, digital marketing strategies are widely used by companies. Apart from it is very effective, it costs lesser than traditional media marketing. Some of the most used strategies are social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Motivates employees

Basically, technology helps workers and employees with their work. It motivates them to become more productive. One of the primary reasons why employees leave their job because of outdated technology and systems. Today, the demand for service increases. It is important that you invest in technology to increase your business productivity.

Monitor business development

Technology also helps organizations track changes and developments in their business. It even provides them some insights on what actions to take for the growth of the business. Through this, employees can maximize their time doing their functions while the computer monitors their business.

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Analyze performance

Today, technology can also provide business analysis and advanced reporting about business performance, market trends, competitions, and customer preferences, among others.

Improves customer engagement

On top of these all, technology improves customer engagement by making customer service more accessible. Moreover, increased productivity enables the business to attend to increasing consumer demand.

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