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Digital Marketing Trends For Business In 2018

The rapid advancement in technology and has disrupted change across all walks of life. What is more interesting is that there is a constant rate of innovation churning and does not seem to be pausing in the near or even far future. In fact, this era might be the very initial step in technological reform of this planted if seen through the lenses of upcoming centuries.

One such progression that has totally changed the style and trends in businesses is the birth of digital marketing. As the name indicates, this marketing medium employs virtual patterns across a range of mediums such as mobile phones, social media platforms, display advertisements, and many other such things for the endorsement of products and services.

Digital marketing started off mainly in the early 2000’s as the web evolved. Each year brings new reforms, updates and changes that compel commercial ventures to stay in touch with latest industry news and happenings.

Like all the previous years, 2018 has also seen and is expected to be seeing more progressive trends in digital marketing making it more effective and efficient means for the companies to grow their businesses with. You, as a digital market dependent group; must pay heed to current trends, understand them, and apply them giving your best if you want to confirm your position in the market.

Here is a small list of current trends you must follow if you do not wish to be forced aside in today’s digital market.

1- Failure of the Influencer Market

It had been a trend from the last few years for companies to invest a large portion of their resources into influential marketing. This trend is still being practiced but little do people realize that there are many other marketing tendencies that can provide them with the same results without investing billions. Now in 2018, people have understood the need to move towards more advanced, fast and altogether economical ways. It is advisable for companies to now move towards grass root level promotions and stay away from the influencers who bring less awareness and less ROI altogether.

2- Augmented Reality Integration Using Social Media

In 2018, it is becoming customary for our social apps as well as our personalized devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc. to employ Augmented Reality as a main technology. AR is not only making our lives easier but is also making devices better than before. The fact that the very first app using this idea i.e. Pokémon Go, became famous far and wide in literally no time is proof as to why companies need to employ this technology for the digital marketing world as soon as possible. If brands can use this technology effectively, they will get to know your location and will generate such marketing content that will only be accessed at that specific spot. This will make marketing interesting as well as faster in 2018.       

3- Going with Customer at Each Step

A long-term trend for companies has been is to employ data to see where their customers are and what they need. However, up till now the way data is used to be with customers at each step of their journey with the business has not been elaborated upon much. Understanding the customers’ journey is going to be the most important objective in the year 2018. This will help you embark on your journey to be a successful digital marketer. Companies such as Willshapools Resurfacing must utilize consumer data effectively to analyse their decision-making patterns from intent to post-purchase experiences. By staying in touch with your target market, you can anticipate his needs better and understand what it is that makes him gravitate towards your product and services.

4- Live Video with Advancements

People do not watch blurred live videos telecasted with poor internet connections as fiber internet technology is spreading widely and becoming available within most localities. If companies want to use live video to market their products and services, they should use a professional way of live video telecast that is being regulated in 2018 with new upgrades almost every month. Many social media platforms have this feature and are striving to make it better every day to make the connection between people and companies even more intimate.

5- Integrated User Interface

Although there has been a stable place for conversational robots such as Alexa of Amazon, Cortana of Microsoft, Google Assistant, chat bots, and other IUs etc. since the past few years. It is now being expected that these IUs will bring a revolution in the digital marketing world soon. These IUs will not only keep on making a stable place in users’ lives in 2018, but also will become an inevitable part of their lives soon. Using a Conversational User Interface is soon going to be a trend in the digital market that will give an opportunity for the brands to interact with their customers in an easier way than ever before. By getting to know more about the issues and needs of the customers, brand and companies will change and upgrade their products and policies accordingly. This will not only help them in becoming current and prospective users’ favorite but will also assist them expand more both financially and in their reputational aspects.

Using these and many other digital market revolutionary trends, the business can go to the highest level of success in literally no time at all.

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