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Digital Marketing Trends For Business In 2018

The rapid advancement in technology and has disrupted change across all walks of life. What is more interesting is that there is a constant rate of innovation churning and does not seem to be pausing in the near or even far future. In fact, this era might be the very initial step in technological reform of this planted if seen through the lenses of upcoming centuries.

One such progression that has totally changed the style and trends in businesses is the birth of digital marketing. As the name indicates, this marketing medium employs virtual patterns across a range of mediums such as mobile phones, social media platforms, display advertisements, and many other such things for the endorsement of products and services.

Digital marketing started off mainly in the early 2000’s as the web evolved. Each year brings new reforms, updates and changes that compel commercial ventures to stay in touch with latest industry news and happenings.

Like all the previous years, 2018 has also seen and is expected to be seeing more progressive trends in digital marketing making it more effective and efficient means for the companies to grow their businesses with. You, as a digital market dependent group; must pay heed to current trends, understand them, and apply them giving your best if you want to confirm your position in the market.

Here is a small list of current trends you must follow if you do not wish to be forced aside in today’s digital market.

1- Failure of the Influencer Market

It had been a trend from the last few years for companies to invest a large portion of their resources into influential marketing. This trend is still being practiced but little do people realize that there are many other marketing tendencies that can provide them with the same results without investing billions. Now in 2018, people have understood the need to move towards more advanced, fast and altogether economical ways. It is advisable for companies to now move towards grass root level promotions and stay away from the influencers who bring less awareness and less ROI altogether.

2- Augmented Reality Integration Using Social Media

In 2018, it is becoming customary for our social apps as well as our personalized devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc. to employ Augmented Reality as a main technology. AR is not only making our lives easier but is also making devices better than before. The fact that the very first app using this idea i.e. Pokémon Go, became famous far and wide in literally no time is proof as to why companies need to employ this technology for the digital marketing world as soon as possible. If brands can use this technology effectively, they will get to know your location and will generate such marketing content that will only be accessed at that specific spot. This will make marketing interesting as well as faster in 2018.       

3- Going with Customer at Each Step

A long-term trend for companies has been is to employ data to see where their customers are and what they need. However, up till now the way data is used to be with customers at each step of their journey with the business has not been elaborated upon much. Understanding the customers’ journey is going to be the most important objective in the year 2018. This will help you embark on your journey to be a successful digital marketer. Companies such as Willshapools Resurfacing must utilize consumer data effectively to analyse their decision-making patterns from intent to post-purchase experiences. By staying in touch with your target market, you can anticipate his needs better and understand what it is that makes him gravitate towards your product and services.

4- Live Video with Advancements

People do not watch blurred live videos telecasted with poor internet connections as fiber internet technology is spreading widely and becoming available within most localities. If companies want to use live video to market their products and services, they should use a professional way of live video telecast that is being regulated in 2018 with new upgrades almost every month. Many social media platforms have this feature and are striving to make it better every day to make the connection between people and companies even more intimate.

5- Integrated User Interface

Although there has been a stable place for conversational robots such as Alexa of Amazon, Cortana of Microsoft, Google Assistant, chat bots, and other IUs etc. since the past few years. It is now being expected that these IUs will bring a revolution in the digital marketing world soon. These IUs will not only keep on making a stable place in users’ lives in 2018, but also will become an inevitable part of their lives soon. Using a Conversational User Interface is soon going to be a trend in the digital market that will give an opportunity for the brands to interact with their customers in an easier way than ever before. By getting to know more about the issues and needs of the customers, brand and companies will change and upgrade their products and policies accordingly. This will not only help them in becoming current and prospective users’ favorite but will also assist them expand more both financially and in their reputational aspects.

Using these and many other digital market revolutionary trends, the business can go to the highest level of success in literally no time at all.

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Quick Tips On How To Create Awesome Videos For Your Business

It is a well-known fact that content that is visual in nature has stronger chances of grabbing your audience’s attention. Videos, images, presentations, infographics etc are more reader-friendly as compared to lengthy paragraphs in text form.

The number of commercial ventures utilizing video marketing to create and improve brand awareness has grown in the recent years. Brands are tapping into the power of storytelling to establish an emotional connect with their audiences. Videos are becoming a preferred source of content in the world of B2B branding and sales.

Currently, video marketing is the hottest marketing trend in digital media and is considered as being an informative yet entertaining methodology to engage with the target market. It has the ability to make a direct impact on prospects, market influencers, opinion leaders and existing customers.

Do you feel you are not equipped with the knowledge to create, produce and edit videos? Well, do not worry as there are plenty of user-friendly software out there that can equip you with the set of skills you need. In order to obtain fruitful results, you need to have a lot more than basic video editing knowledge. We have identified a few important and proven principles that may help you in your video making journey.


The easiest way to captivate your customer’s attention is to craft a compelling story that is built around the essence of your brand. Of course, it depends on your marketing or campaign’s objective, but your story can be knit around your brand, encapsulating your vision, mission and conveying how it will improve your client’s life or serve as a solution to an existing need.


According to recent studies, it was discovered that almost one fifth of viewers close videos within the initial 10 seconds if they do not find it alluring. This means your introduction has to be absolutely magnificent and unique! Avoid those “Once upon a time” approaches and other cliched creations. It is not advised to make a sales pitch but to educate the consumer how the brand or product in question will work wonders.


You do not need to focus the entire video content on the benefits and outcomes of your product but on why it can help the viewer and why you do what you do. The message should be delivered by keeping your mission in the spotlight rather than implementing direct sales tactics. This can be a real turn off for your target audience!


Before making your first video, make sure you are equipped with the right amount of knowledge and information that is required to position your product or service as an influential and enthralling brand. Dig deep and do your homework well! Research is imperative at this point so you can understand your viewer’s persona. The beauty of digital marketing is that it offers you real time insights and allows you to build a customer profile based on tastes, motivations and preferences.


Most people watch videos on their tablets or smartphones. It is crucial that your videos be compatible with different platforms such as Facebook, instagram and Twitter etc. It is mandatory that marketing videos should be platform friendly, downloadable and shareable as it will have a significant impact on your brand awareness graph.


The internet is a sea of never-ending information and to break through its clutter, you must optimize your video for search engine optimization purposes. A powerhouse video marketing campaign should be equipped with an influential and relevant video-description that incorporates pertinent keywords to let it rank higher search engine result pages. Also remember and embed video content on your money pages as this can help drive conversions and also reduce the bounce rate across your site. You can read more here on how to do this.


Rather than focusing solely on the promotion and sales of your brand, the content of the video should be educational. Be creative, incorporate humor and make your customer smile. After all, you can never go wrong with the element of humor (unless done distastefully. Do not go down that road!). Carve your niche in the market and position yourself as a leading expert in your field. This will not only build brand trust but will make you the preferred source of information in your industry when customers seek knowledge. Make sure you are always honest and transparent as well.


The advent of information technology and communication has placed the world at our fingertips. We have developed the capability to search product reviews and see customer comparisons within a short time frame. By adding customer’s reviews, testimonials and feedback in your videos, it will build brand credibility and assist in achieving sales objectives.


Always, always and always include a call to action in your video. This can range from signing up for a newsletter, giving a thumbs up to the video or subscribing to the YouTube channel etc. Improving the degree of interaction and engagement will only serve you better.


If you want to gain the trust and confidence of your customers, you need to make them feel that you are actually trying to come up with strategies that are beneficial for them. You can easily do this through generating tutorials for your products. We are not telling you to reveal your secret ingredient but to help educate the customer


Anything too lengthy with never ending lectures and strategies can simply bore the audience. The fact is today’s audience has a shorter attention span. So, we advise you to keep your videos short and sweet! This will also promote top of the mind brand recall for your portfolio of services.


Share the magic you have made through a process known as content and video marketing. You need to device a campaign that creates hype of the video itself and gains virality.


Blog8 809x410 - Top 6 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2018

Top 6 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2018

There are over three billion social media users worldwide. No wonder why small businesses and large companies opt for social media marketing. It still remains one of the most effective among other marketing strategies.

If you are doubting the power of social media, then consider these statistics. 22% of the world population uses Facebook. 81% of millennials check Twitter daily. 32% of teenagers consider Instagram the most important social media platform. Apparently, everybody knows and uses social media, from children to adults.

This 2018, the power of social media to promote products and services have elevated. There are more other advertising tools available. Let us discuss the top 8 social media marketing trends this 2018:

socail - Top 6 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2018


Since the rise of social media, influencers also become popular. They are people who have a huge following. Some of them gained stardom in social media, while some are traditional celebrities. According to a study, over 80% of people go to social media as a reference when purchasing things. Moreover, 40% of them based their decision on the influencer they follow. In 2018, influencer marketing will become bigger. As a matter of fact, businesses earn an average of £5 for every one pound invested on influencers.

24-hour stories

Social networks are now integrating ephermal content in their platforms. These are contents that are shared online and disappears after 24 hours. Snapchat started the craze. Now, Facebook has “My Day” and Instagram has “Stories”. Ephermal content improves engagement rate. In fact, businesses are taking advantage of ephermal contents to promote their products and services.

Viral videos

Over 90% of the content shared on social media are videos. As long as your video is interesting, it will definitely go viral. Thus, businesses take effort in creating videos as their primary marketing tool. Even regular social media users share videos that break the internet. Furthermore, Live Video increases more engagement among customers.


Reaching your audience is much more convenient through social media. They do not have to write an e-mail just to provide feedback. Now, a chat box makes it easy for businesses and consumers to exchange insights. Furthermore, social networks integrate chat robots or chatbots to make customer service faster. In fact, Gartner suggests that by the end of 2018, 80% of social media business content are machine generated.

soc - Top 6 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2018

Social advertising

Each social media platform has their distinct advertising tool. Basically, this aims to boost reach and increase engagement by promoting your post. This is commonly known as “Sponsored Ad”. It even allows you to customize the target audience and duration of the ad.

Facebook searches

Apart from desktop and mobile searches, Facebook searches are also in. Facebook consumes lesser data than a regular search through a search engine. With this, more users use Facebook to look for things. Besides, Facebooks use APIs that integrate other data from external platforms.

Social media trends are dynamic. Every day, there is a new thing. Going viral is a standard in social media. With all these characteristics, social media marketing can definitely help promote your brand.

Blog7 809x410 - Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies in 2018

Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies in 2018

Marketing has really evolved over the years. With the advent of technology, house-to-house marketing has been replaced. Before, it was very time-consuming to distribute flyers around the neighborhood. Today, everything has been digitalized. The internet makes it possible for businesses to reach their audience instantly, everywhere around the globe. Here are the top 7 digital marketing strategies that will surely dominate 2018:

Social media marketing

Social media marketing topped our list. Why? It is the most widespread marketing strategy that costs you lesser than your marketing budget for this year. Based on statistics, there are almost three billion social media users worldwide. Facebook ranked first with over two billion users, followed by Instagram and Twitter. Social networking platforms have designed advertising tools to customize the way you want to promote your business. Also, being viral is possible in social media. In just one post or tweet, your business can be known worldwide.

seo - Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies in 2018

Search engine optimization

Search engine marketing remains to be one of strongest digital marketing strategies. With the power of content, you can reach online users. Through search engine optimization, you can establish your online presence by ranking first in Google search. SEO trends change every year. It is crucial for you to keep up with these changes.

Website marketing

When we talk about internet marketing, starting a website is one of the must-do things for a company. Building a website is like building a business on the digital platforms. However, you might be surprised, over 2 million small and mid-sized enterprises still do not have websites. According to, 92% of small businesses are expected to have their own corporate websites by the end of 2018.

Email marketing

Email marketing is probably the earliest form of internet marketing strategy. In 2018, emails are gaining popularity again. Based on Communicator Email Benchmark Report (2016), 74 trillion emails are sent annually and it keeps on growing every year. In fact, Statista found out that 86% of online consumers prefer to receive newsletters from the company they follow.

ppc - Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies in 2018

Pay-per-click marketing

Pay-per-click marketing has been around for a few years. The most popular platform for this strategy is Google AdWords. Basically, a business pays Google for every click on the ads created. According to WordStream (2016), 65% of searchers click Google ads. Most social media platforms are also running pay-per-click campaigns.

Mobile marketing

Before, users open their desktops to search for anything. But with the popularity of smartphones, mobile searches have outnumbered computer searches since 2016. In fact, even businesses use smartphones to search. According to Google (2015), almost half of company researchers search through mobile devices. This calls for businesses to optimize everything on their website to make it compatible with mobile devices.

Local marketing

There is still a huge number of people who search for local businesses. In fact, 50% of the people who perform local searches visit the store a day after the search, according to Search Engine Land. Thus, it is important for businesses to update local directories and optimize their content for local searches.

Which of these internet marketing strategies is your favorite?

web designer vs web builder - 7 of the most inspirational startup websites

7 of the most inspirational startup websites

Everyone’s got a website.

From international financial organisations – to individuals turning out craft items in their own home, a decent looking site is reasonably easy to come by, so how do you stand out from the crowd?

Well, there’s a balance of design, functionality, usability, content… and much more. The perfect website is like a good recipe – all the elements and flavours have got to be perfect if you want the desired effect.

Take a look at 7 of the most beautifully balanced and presented sites we know of at Think Zap– and perhaps draw some inspiration for your own part of the internet…

Flying Piñata

Upon clicking through to Flying Pinata you’re greeted with, well, a flying piñata.

The company’s product is certainly unique – a traditional Mexican piñata, delivered to your party hanging from an expertly piloted drone.

The clarity of the message is exceptional – even just watching the great animation at the top of the site gives you a full run down of what the company does! Perhaps the most impressive about the site is that it only has 64 words of written content – with the rest of the message communicated with great looking colourful animations.

Now, it’s worth noting that the site is literally just a call-to-action to download the company’s app – but it’s a message that’s delivered beautifully and simply.


Where images were once king – there’s an increasing move toward sites being designed instead around beautiful text and typography.

Since Ghost is a platform for creating and managing an online blog or publication, it’s no surprise that this is exactly the design route they’ve opted for – beautiful words in a minimalist setting – and they’ve done it very well.

The reason we’ve listed Ghost as such an inspirational site is because of how attractively and effectively they deliver quite a complex product. Ghost is no lightweight in the publishing world – in fact, it’s an open source platform used by huge tech companies like NASA, Apple and Sky – but, that aside, a read through their site gives you a detailed and very readable understanding of what they do, how they do it – and how you can do it too.


Artsy is an example of how a website doesn’t have to be minimal to be considered a design masterpiece.

The homepage truly is a hub for all things happening in the art world. From auctions to shows, street art to the masters – it’s all there – and despite there being hundreds upon hundreds of links and pages to explore, there’s a very neat feel to the site – and a natural flow.

A scrolling banner at the top of the site crams loads of up to date and relevant information in – and the stunning images accompanying the text make it almost hypnotic to watch rolling around.

If you’re looking for inspiration and have a lot of info on your homepage – stopping by and studying Artsy is a great idea. 


Mint is a service that’s designed to put your finances in one place and make their management significantly easier.

Now, if there are some relatively dry sounding subjects for most people – finances and organisation are likely to be toward the top of the list – which is why Mint’s site does such a great job.

A super quick and clear explanation of the service is followed by a bright, vibrant and arguably even exciting pie-chart image that gives the service a really simple and engaging face. Continue scrolling and some very readable site copy has you understanding some of the finer points of the service in no time.

Although the colour palette is simple – it makes the site feel energetic and alive. If you’re dealing with a topic that lots of people will find somewhat dull – you’ll be able to draw inspiration from Mint on how to liven things up…


Retail might look simple from the outset – but when you’re starting to scale and considering how to manage your ecommerce platforms, suppliers, warehousing, accounting, point of sale and much much more, you’re staring down the barrel of some severe headaches.

Stitch pens itself as ‘your operations command centre’ – pulling together everything you need to run your business with maximum efficiency.

Now, there are entire websites that are dedicated to explaining just one of the functions Stitch incorporates – so explaining them all in a neat and concise manner is no mean feat. Stitch does a great job of using annotated illustrations to flesh out complex aspects of the service.

If you’ve got a complex product or service and want to draw customers in with an indication of how your product could make life easier for your users, Stitch could provide some excellent inspiration.


Starry are providing the internet in an innovative and refreshing way.

That is; with no additions, no bundles, no imposed TV packages – just plain and simple internet – and they’re doing it with an emphasis on speed.

Their site is stunning looking too. A hero shot of their great looking hardware – mixed with some quirky illustrations and a colour scheme that gives a relaxed and dreamlike feel. Essentially, the Starry message is delivered with just gradients of two colours other than white and black, giving the site a clean and crisp feel – but not at all cold.

Draw inspiration from Starry if you’re looking to draw customers in by highlighting the simplicity and warmth of your brand.


If you’re a parent you’ll know that there’s a host of important features that a restaurant, café or local attraction may or may not provide – such as changing tables, space for buggies, kid’s menus – and much more.

Winnie is a free to use service that helps you know which local businesses cater for your needs – without having to drag children in to have a look around.

Their beautiful illustrations give a really friendly feel to the site – and when you’re in and signed up for a free account, you can find venues quickly and easily with customer reviews to read through. If you’re looking to take the stress out of life – following their light and breezy illustrated lead could be a good plan!

Web design and development process 820x410 - What will web design look like in 2018 – and beyond?

What will web design look like in 2018 – and beyond?

Want to know why web design is so hard to get right?

It’s because it’s not one skill.

According to the web design team at Think Zap, one of Scotland’s leading web design agencies, it benefits to be fully laden with knowledge than spans from marketing and consumer psychology – all the way to innovative tech and cutting-edge programming.

But even then, the digital world doesn’t stop spinning. All of the areas it pays to understand develop on an almost weekly basis – what was in vogue yesterday is old hat today – as you’ll know from looking at and trying to use a site that’s not seen any updates in a couple of years.

It can be tricky knowing what’s hot today – let alone tomorrow, so we’ve talked to some innovative and forward-thinking web designers about what we’re going to see in 2018 and beyond. See if you and your brand are falling into line with what’s going to be the norm over the coming months and years…

  1. Chatbots and conversational UI

There’s an argument for conversational UI completely ruling the web design world going forward in time – but for 2018 at least, we’re going to see these technologies taking a more firm foothold in the sites we use.

The reason conversational UI has so much potential is because it appeals to a user’s sense of experiencing something that’s bespoke; that the site is responding to their specific wants and needs – rather than just throwing up the same experience that everyone gets.

Exceptional experiences also mean people come back and use your site again and again – and effective chatbots are resulting in much greater customer retention and revisit numbers almost universally.

Now, it’s arguable who benefits the most from this user specific experience online – the buyer or the vendor – but given there are benefits for both, it’s safe to say that chatbots and conversational UI is a firm win-win.

  1. Authentic photos

That picture of the smiling team that greets your traffic when they hit ‘contact us’ isn’t fooling anyone you know. The problem is, there’s a limited amount of stock photographs that tick the relevant boxes for a brand – and since there are millions of websites all putting out content on any one topic, there’s likely to be some repetition.

That repetition is a good way of saying ‘we’re a bit lazy’ to your traffic – a bit like you and all your friends turning up to the fancy dress party in the same lacklustre outfit. Lazy isn’t the type of brand image anyone’s hoping to portray – and even less so if you’re going to be representing someone else’s brand!

There’s a place for good stock photography – but as the hero image on your site it’s going to be a no-no in 2018. Instead, high quality authentic images are going to win the day.

Car manufacturer Hyundai recently ditched the small images of their range that featured on their homepage and replaced them with super high-quality, incredibly well shot images of their most prestigious cars. The result? A 62% increase in customers requesting test drives.

Exceptional images lead to exceptional conversions.

  1. Well-designed minimalism

Minimalism and negative space aren’t new ideas – but a break from the very-well-trodden path of black on expansive white backgrounds is long overdue.

Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring – in fact, it can be exceptionally colourful and beautifully designed while still being focused on the elements that matter. Take duotone images as an example – they’re a simple look (if not a little complex to create well) but are an excellent feature and unquestionably eye-catching.

What’s even better about a minimal approach is that it works exceptional well across all devices – and since the majority of web traffic is now mobile; minimal, well designed and light is a massive thumbs up.

  1. Stand out fonts

You may know a little about Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative – essentially an open-source, stripped back version of HTML that truly optimises for mobile. AMP is a topic suitable for a discussion on its own – but it’s definitely having an impact on the designs that we see, especially around the use of fonts and typefaces.

When you’re stripping a page back to its essentials, text takes centre stage – and making sure it’s dressed for the occasion is important.

Although AMP allows for the quick cached loading of images, the emphasis is still on the page being light and quickly accessible – and from a user point of view, it’s the text that’s delivering the most important content 99% of the time.

Expect 2018 to see design that’s built around great looking text – and in some cases, text being used to create the impact that’s traditionally delivered by hero images, buttons and clickable pictures.

  1. SVGs to deliver immersive content

SVG files are vector images – able to scale up and down in a way that just isn’t practical with JPGs, PNGs and other pixel based formats. This is great – as it means page load time isn’t impacted – the first big tick in their favour.

Secondly – SVGs are going to be used to deliver the kind of image based experiences that we dreamed of as kids – 360 views, 3D images, cinemographs and more – exactly the kind of immersion that companies at the forefront of internet experience are keen to deliver.

  1. Greater IoT connectivity

The ‘Internet of Things’ has seen great steps forward in 2017 – and will continue to evolve throughout 2018 – with companies doing more and more with their sites to enable connectivity.

The sheer numbers of IoT devices make integration something of a natural next step – leading industry figures expect 30+ billion networked sensor enabled objects by 2020 – that’s around 4 for every person on the planet!

Although they’re not commonly used now, we can expect APIs that will allow developers to integrate communication with IoT devices from sites becoming increasingly popular over the next few years.

What does the overall picture look like?

Somewhat predictably, mobile is king in 2018 and beyond – but instead of the ‘optimised for mobile’ approach that we’ve seen up until now, expect ‘mobile first’ designs to be the norm – with styles, formats and interactions based on that principle.

Blog3 809x410 - 2017’s Top 7 SEO Trends to Keep You Relevant

2017’s Top 7 SEO Trends to Keep You Relevant

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important factors in digital marketing. It’s been helping businesses grow since the start of the internet era. Every year, SEO trends change. As an SEO expert, you need to embrace these new advances to stay competitive. You need to study some changes in Google Algorithms and even new techniques of content writing.

This 2017, here are the top 7 SEO trends to keep your business on top of the page:

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

In the end of 2016, Google started recognizing websites that have switched over to AMPs. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) are open source protocols that enable websites to load faster on mobile devices. Apart from instant loading, these websites also consume lesser data which sounds very practical today. It is expected that AMPs will dominate mobile searches.

Voice Search

Voice Search has been rising popularity today, especially as smartphones become smarter and people become lazier…we mean, busier. According to comScore, it is expected that half of the web and mobile searches will be done through voice by 2020. As early as now, you need to expand your keywords. Voice searches focused on more personalized and location-based content. So consider these factors in optimizing your content.

mob1 - 2017’s Top 7 SEO Trends to Keep You Relevant

Mobile Optimization

This trend has started a few years ago. But marketers should keep this in mind. More people will become more dependent on mobile communication devices in the future. In fact, mobile searches outranked desktop searches in 2016. You need to optimize everything on your website to the mobile platform.

User Intent Prediction

Google is now better at identifying what a person intends to search or find on the web. Google makes searching more instant, answering even the most detailed queries. In this case, Google extracts a snippet from a top content provider and use it to answer the searcher’s query. Thus, you must take advantage of the opportunity. Think and act like a normal searcher. Identify the most common questions and keyword searches. Use these to publish a content.

301 Redirects

301 redirects keep your website relevant during a topical check. It’s not hard to implement. Basically, it makes sure that the old URL redirects to the new URL. This method does not affect your SEO ranking. There are different methods and strategies for implementing URL redirection.

mob2 - 2017’s Top 7 SEO Trends to Keep You Relevant

Cross-channel Marketing

Cross-channel marketing should never be confused with multi-channel marketing. The primary goal of cross-channel marketing is visibility. It uses a wide range of channels to market a specific brand. This shall include the CRM and marketing automation solutions.

Personal Branding

Personal branding has been an important component of SEO. But in 2017, Google and even social media platforms like Facebook are highlighting individual posts instead of branded posts. This is why personal branding is so important today. It will provide you more guest post opportunities, build user trust, and drive more traffic to your website.

mob3 - 2017’s Top 7 SEO Trends to Keep You Relevant

Search engine optimization really requires analysis. Google, as well as the target audience, are so unpredictable. As a marketer, you have to keep up!

Blog2 809x410 - 6 Tips for an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

6 Tips for an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is one of the earliest forms of digital marketing. Up to now, it stills remains very effective in establishing your business’ online presence. In fact, 86% of the consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they support and follow, based on Statista (2015). For the next years, email marketing will remain to be one of the digital marketing strategies as email users are expected to grow up to 3 billion by 2020.

Basically, there are different things that you should consider in performing email marketing. The goal is for the recipient to open your email and engage. Here are our 8 tips for an effective email marketing strategy:

marketing1 - 6 Tips for an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Invite them to subscribe

Consumers don’t easily give their email address. Thus, it is you who should invite them to subscribe. Post a signup or subscribe form on your website, homepage, blog, or Facebook page, among others. Do not create a lengthy form. Name, email address, and birthdays are the most common elements. Besides, you might want to send them some deals and freebies for their birthday.

Inform them what to expect

It is a must that you tell consumers what to expect when they subscribe. This may include sending them company updates, daily and weekly deals, freebies and promos, consumer tips, and other important matters. Enumerate these in your signup form so they can decide if they want to receive these types of content or not.

marketing3 - 6 Tips for an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Send a welcome email

After their subscription, send them a welcome email. Thank them for joining the list and subscribing to your content. To make it more special, you can send new subscribers a welcome bonus or offer.

Email design and content is important

Email templates are readily available on the web. But as much as possible, make your email campaign more personal. Mention their name, the likes, and interests. The content should follow the appropriate structure. We recommend that the content should be 90% educational and 10% promotional. Moreover, the design and layout should be enticing. The goal is to look professional. Subscribers wouldn’t want a trashy look newsletter.

Send content that matters

It doesn’t mean that consumers subscribe to your page, they want to receive all content you send. In this dilemma, segmentation comes in. Segmentation allows you to classify subscribers according to the content they want to receive. Basically, their preference for content can be determined during their signup. By sending content that matters to them, you are decreasing your risk of being unsubscribed.

marketing2 - 6 Tips for an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Target the inbox, not the spam

One of the problems of sending newsletters is spam. Basically, email has been seen by hackers as a way to do their thing. In 2004, the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 became a law which prohibits scamming through emails. There are various techniques to avoid the spam. First, you need to get certified. Also, whitelisting has been performed by most companies. In this, the recipient identifies you as reliable. Lastly, your content composition matters. Avoid using too much punctuation marks or including words that sound like a threat.

Are you using email marketing today? Send us your thoughts.