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Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies in 2018

Marketing has really evolved over the years. With the advent of technology, house-to-house marketing has been replaced. Before, it was very time-consuming to distribute flyers around the neighborhood. Today, everything has been digitalized. The internet makes it possible for businesses to reach their audience instantly, everywhere around the globe. Here are the top 7 digital marketing strategies that will surely dominate 2018:

Social media marketing

Social media marketing topped our list. Why? It is the most widespread marketing strategy that costs you lesser than your marketing budget for this year. Based on statistics, there are almost three billion social media users worldwide. Facebook ranked first with over two billion users, followed by Instagram and Twitter. Social networking platforms have designed advertising tools to customize the way you want to promote your business. Also, being viral is possible in social media. In just one post or tweet, your business can be known worldwide.

seo - Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies in 2018

Search engine optimization

Search engine marketing remains to be one of strongest digital marketing strategies. With the power of content, you can reach online users. Through search engine optimization, you can establish your online presence by ranking first in Google search. SEO trends change every year. It is crucial for you to keep up with these changes.

Website marketing

When we talk about internet marketing, starting a website is one of the must-do things for a company. Building a website is like building a business on the digital platforms. However, you might be surprised, over 2 million small and mid-sized enterprises still do not have websites. According to, 92% of small businesses are expected to have their own corporate websites by the end of 2018.

Email marketing

Email marketing is probably the earliest form of internet marketing strategy. In 2018, emails are gaining popularity again. Based on Communicator Email Benchmark Report (2016), 74 trillion emails are sent annually and it keeps on growing every year. In fact, Statista found out that 86% of online consumers prefer to receive newsletters from the company they follow.

ppc - Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies in 2018

Pay-per-click marketing

Pay-per-click marketing has been around for a few years. The most popular platform for this strategy is Google AdWords. Basically, a business pays Google for every click on the ads created. According to WordStream (2016), 65% of searchers click Google ads. Most social media platforms are also running pay-per-click campaigns.

Mobile marketing

Before, users open their desktops to search for anything. But with the popularity of smartphones, mobile searches have outnumbered computer searches since 2016. In fact, even businesses use smartphones to search. According to Google (2015), almost half of company researchers search through mobile devices. This calls for businesses to optimize everything on their website to make it compatible with mobile devices.

Local marketing

There is still a huge number of people who search for local businesses. In fact, 50% of the people who perform local searches visit the store a day after the search, according to Search Engine Land. Thus, it is important for businesses to update local directories and optimize their content for local searches.

Which of these internet marketing strategies is your favorite?

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