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Top 6 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2018

There are over three billion social media users worldwide. No wonder why small businesses and large companies opt for social media marketing. It still remains one of the most effective among other marketing strategies.

If you are doubting the power of social media, then consider these statistics. 22% of the world population uses Facebook. 81% of millennials check Twitter daily. 32% of teenagers consider Instagram the most important social media platform. Apparently, everybody knows and uses social media, from children to adults.

This 2018, the power of social media to promote products and services have elevated. There are more other advertising tools available. Let us discuss the top 8 social media marketing trends this 2018:

socail - Top 6 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2018


Since the rise of social media, influencers also become popular. They are people who have a huge following. Some of them gained stardom in social media, while some are traditional celebrities. According to a study, over 80% of people go to social media as a reference when purchasing things. Moreover, 40% of them based their decision on the influencer they follow. In 2018, influencer marketing will become bigger. As a matter of fact, businesses earn an average of £5 for every one pound invested on influencers.

24-hour stories

Social networks are now integrating ephermal content in their platforms. These are contents that are shared online and disappears after 24 hours. Snapchat started the craze. Now, Facebook has “My Day” and Instagram has “Stories”. Ephermal content improves engagement rate. In fact, businesses are taking advantage of ephermal contents to promote their products and services.

Viral videos

Over 90% of the content shared on social media are videos. As long as your video is interesting, it will definitely go viral. Thus, businesses take effort in creating videos as their primary marketing tool. Even regular social media users share videos that break the internet. Furthermore, Live Video increases more engagement among customers.


Reaching your audience is much more convenient through social media. They do not have to write an e-mail just to provide feedback. Now, a chat box makes it easy for businesses and consumers to exchange insights. Furthermore, social networks integrate chat robots or chatbots to make customer service faster. In fact, Gartner suggests that by the end of 2018, 80% of social media business content are machine generated.

soc - Top 6 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2018

Social advertising

Each social media platform has their distinct advertising tool. Basically, this aims to boost reach and increase engagement by promoting your post. This is commonly known as “Sponsored Ad”. It even allows you to customize the target audience and duration of the ad.

Facebook searches

Apart from desktop and mobile searches, Facebook searches are also in. Facebook consumes lesser data than a regular search through a search engine. With this, more users use Facebook to look for things. Besides, Facebooks use APIs that integrate other data from external platforms.

Social media trends are dynamic. Every day, there is a new thing. Going viral is a standard in social media. With all these characteristics, social media marketing can definitely help promote your brand.

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