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Quick Tips On How To Create Awesome Videos For Your Business

It is a well-known fact that content that is visual in nature has stronger chances of grabbing your audience’s attention. Videos, images, presentations, infographics etc are more reader-friendly as compared to lengthy paragraphs in text form.

The number of commercial ventures utilizing video marketing to create and improve brand awareness has grown in the recent years. Brands are tapping into the power of storytelling to establish an emotional connect with their audiences. Videos are becoming a preferred source of content in the world of B2B branding and sales.

Currently, video marketing is the hottest marketing trend in digital media and is considered as being an informative yet entertaining methodology to engage with the target market. It has the ability to make a direct impact on prospects, market influencers, opinion leaders and existing customers.

Do you feel you are not equipped with the knowledge to create, produce and edit videos? Well, do not worry as there are plenty of user-friendly software out there that can equip you with the set of skills you need. In order to obtain fruitful results, you need to have a lot more than basic video editing knowledge. We have identified a few important and proven principles that may help you in your video making journey.


The easiest way to captivate your customer’s attention is to craft a compelling story that is built around the essence of your brand. Of course, it depends on your marketing or campaign’s objective, but your story can be knit around your brand, encapsulating your vision, mission and conveying how it will improve your client’s life or serve as a solution to an existing need.


According to recent studies, it was discovered that almost one fifth of viewers close videos within the initial 10 seconds if they do not find it alluring. This means your introduction has to be absolutely magnificent and unique! Avoid those “Once upon a time” approaches and other cliched creations. It is not advised to make a sales pitch but to educate the consumer how the brand or product in question will work wonders.


You do not need to focus the entire video content on the benefits and outcomes of your product but on why it can help the viewer and why you do what you do. The message should be delivered by keeping your mission in the spotlight rather than implementing direct sales tactics. This can be a real turn off for your target audience!


Before making your first video, make sure you are equipped with the right amount of knowledge and information that is required to position your product or service as an influential and enthralling brand. Dig deep and do your homework well! Research is imperative at this point so you can understand your viewer’s persona. The beauty of digital marketing is that it offers you real time insights and allows you to build a customer profile based on tastes, motivations and preferences.


Most people watch videos on their tablets or smartphones. It is crucial that your videos be compatible with different platforms such as Facebook, instagram and Twitter etc. It is mandatory that marketing videos should be platform friendly, downloadable and shareable as it will have a significant impact on your brand awareness graph.


The internet is a sea of never-ending information and to break through its clutter, you must optimize your video for search engine optimization purposes. A powerhouse video marketing campaign should be equipped with an influential and relevant video-description that incorporates pertinent keywords to let it rank higher search engine result pages. Also remember and embed video content on your money pages as this can help drive conversions and also reduce the bounce rate across your site. You can read more here on how to do this.


Rather than focusing solely on the promotion and sales of your brand, the content of the video should be educational. Be creative, incorporate humor and make your customer smile. After all, you can never go wrong with the element of humor (unless done distastefully. Do not go down that road!). Carve your niche in the market and position yourself as a leading expert in your field. This will not only build brand trust but will make you the preferred source of information in your industry when customers seek knowledge. Make sure you are always honest and transparent as well.


The advent of information technology and communication has placed the world at our fingertips. We have developed the capability to search product reviews and see customer comparisons within a short time frame. By adding customer’s reviews, testimonials and feedback in your videos, it will build brand credibility and assist in achieving sales objectives.


Always, always and always include a call to action in your video. This can range from signing up for a newsletter, giving a thumbs up to the video or subscribing to the YouTube channel etc. Improving the degree of interaction and engagement will only serve you better.


If you want to gain the trust and confidence of your customers, you need to make them feel that you are actually trying to come up with strategies that are beneficial for them. You can easily do this through generating tutorials for your products. We are not telling you to reveal your secret ingredient but to help educate the customer


Anything too lengthy with never ending lectures and strategies can simply bore the audience. The fact is today’s audience has a shorter attention span. So, we advise you to keep your videos short and sweet! This will also promote top of the mind brand recall for your portfolio of services.


Share the magic you have made through a process known as content and video marketing. You need to device a campaign that creates hype of the video itself and gains virality.


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